Discord: Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams are a couple coming apart in the raw relationship drama Blue Valentine. Davi Russo/The Weinstein Co. hide caption

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The aging magician Tatischeff prepares to take the stage with his tricks -- and a cranky rabbit. But it's almost 1960, and he finds that audiences would rather watch rock 'n' roll acts than his old-school card tricks. Sony Classics hide caption

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Decisions, Decisions: When Lisa (Reese Witherspoon) gets cut from her Olympic softball team, she starts seeing Matty, a pitcher played by Owen Wilson, but finds herself torn between too many options. David James/Sony Pictures hide caption

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Soul For Sale? Jim Sturgess stars as Jamie, a young man who makes a deal with the demonic Papa B (Joseph Mawle): Papa B will remove the heart-shaped birthmark that covers half of Jamie's face, in exchange for just a few favors. IFC Films hide caption

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Surprising Combo: Robert Downey, Jr., left, and Zach Galifianakis star as two men with vastly different personalities who are thrown together for an unpredictable, bickering-filled journey from Atlanta to Los Angeles. Warner Bros. Pictures hide caption

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Devotedly Determined: Hilary Swank stars as Betty Anne Waters, a single mother of two who spends 18 years becoming a lawyer in order to free her brother Kenny, played by Sam Rockwell, from prison. Fox Searchlight Pictures hide caption

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When the (literally) emasculated ex-womanizer Barry Munday (Patrick Wilson) hears that Ginger (Judy Greer) is expecting his impossible child, he sees fatherhood as a shot at recovering his manhood. Magnolia Pictures hide caption

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Poetic Power: James Franco shines in a challenging role, playing the taciturn but courageously honest poet Allen Ginsberg. JoJo Whilden/Oscilloscope Laboratories hide caption

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A Seminal Moment: Jason Bateman stars as Wally, a hapless specimen who accidentally tips over a very important sample cup -- then impulsively decides to replace the spillage with something locally sourced. Macall Polay/BAster Productions, LLC hide caption

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Love, Indonesian Style: While trying to recover after a messy divorce, Liz (Julia Roberts) meets Felipe (Javier Bardem), a Brazilian architect, in Bali. Francois Duhamel/Sony Pictures hide caption

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War Buddy: James reconnects with Raymond (Wilmer Valderrama), an old Army pal, after coming back from Iraq. Maya Entertainment hide caption

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