Paul and Raluca's affair tears apart his seemingly happy marriage with Adriana, but director Radu Muntean designates no villains — opting instead to paint his characters in an unflinchingly objective light. Lorber Films hide caption

itoggle caption Lorber Films

The hobo code: A nameless vagabond (Rutger Hauer) rides the rails into Hope Town, where he introduces criminals to the business end of his boom stick. Don't expect any themes or allegories — just a whole lot of bloody gore. Karim Hussain/Magnet Releasing hide caption

itoggle caption Karim Hussain/Magnet Releasing

To Russia With Kvetching: Everybody Loves Raymond creator Phil Rosenthal faced a bevy of cultural obstacles — including a live audience barred from laughing — when he tried to adapt his show's brand of middle-class humor for Russian television. Nicholas Weissman/Samuel Goldwyn Films hide caption

itoggle caption Nicholas Weissman/Samuel Goldwyn Films

Twilight, It's Not: Martin (Connor Paolo) struggles to survive after his family is massacred by vampires, but he soon learns that other predators — including a religious fundamentalist cult — may be more dangerous in the wild. IFC Films hide caption

itoggle caption IFC Films

Birds In Paradise: A plan to mate Blu (Jesse Eisenberg, center) and Jewel (Anne Hathaway) runs aground after the endangered macaws are snatched by smugglers. On the run in Rio, they team up with a local toucan (George Lopez). Blue Sky Studios/20th Century Fox hide caption

itoggle caption Blue Sky Studios/20th Century Fox

Brand Recognition: Real-life recovering addict Russell Brand tackles one of the most recognizable big-screen substance abusers of the '80s in a remake of Arthur. Barry Wetcher/Warner Bros. Pictures hide caption

itoggle caption Barry Wetcher/Warner Bros. Pictures

Fool Me Once: Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal), a military helicopter pilot, finds himself plugged into another man's consciousness and sent back in time — to eight minutes before his host is killed in a terrorist attack. Jonathan Wenk/Summit Entertainment hide caption

itoggle caption Jonathan Wenk/Summit Entertainment

The Other Side: Like most of his films, director Tony Gatlif's Korkoro thrums with the music of the Roma people. Set in Nazi-occupied France, the movie follows 15 Gypsies, including Taloche (James Thierree), as old prejudices metastasize into systematic persecution. Lorber Films hide caption

itoggle caption Lorber Films

Grappling for advantage: A flailing lawyer (Paul Giamatti) and a high-school wrestler both look for answers in Win Win, a drama that's full of both interestingly knotty problems and too-easy answers. Fox Searchlight hide caption

itoggle caption Fox Searchlight

Ultimately big-hearted, Hall Pass nonetheless shortchanges its female leads — Jenna Fischer (left) and Christina Applegate — by giving them little room to flex their comedic muscles. Peter Iovino/Warner Bros. hide caption

itoggle caption Peter Iovino/Warner Bros.

'Go' On Now: Danny (Adam Sandler, right) falls for Palmer (Brooklyn Decker, center), enlisting his secretary (Jennifer Aniston, left) to pose as his ex in an attempt to woo her. Then two kids make a surprise entrance and ... oh, like it matters. Sony Pictures hide caption

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Snack Time: Adam (Ashton Kutcher) and his longtime friend Emma (Natalie Portman) look to each other for their recommended daily allowance of physical affection — but only one of them consciously hopes for more. Dale Robinette/Paramount Pictures hide caption

itoggle caption Dale Robinette/Paramount Pictures

The Struggling Chanteuse: Gwyneth Paltrow plays Kelly Canter, a fallen country star who embarks on a career-reviving tour with James, her romantically aloof manager husband, and Beau, the musically talented lover she met in rehab. Scott Garfield/Sony Pictures hide caption

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Discord: Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams are a couple coming apart in the raw relationship drama Blue Valentine. Davi Russo/The Weinstein Co. hide caption

itoggle caption Davi Russo/The Weinstein Co.