Michael Mussio, a portfolio manager at FBB Capital Partners, says phones have been ringing more than normal in recent days. "I think the main thing is — don't panic," he says. Tamara Keith/NPR hide caption

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The National Debt Clock, a billboard-size digital display showing the increasing U.S. debt, is seen in New York City on Monday. Congress passed a bill Tuesday that would raise the nation's debt limit. Andrew Burton/Getty Images hide caption

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Justin Bock holds his daughter, Lina, at his graduation from basic training earlier this year. Bock decided to enlist in the Navy after both he and his wife, Ashley, were laid off. Courtesy of the Bocks hide caption

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Sarah Bullard with her four children, Liam, Fay, Olivia and Joshua. They bought a house in Bristol, R.I., but then Bullard's husband got orders to work at the Pentagon. So now they live apart. Bradley Campbell/WRNI hide caption

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President Obama shakes hands with former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray after announcing his nomination to serve as the first director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and Elizabeth Warren, who helped build the agency, look on. Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP hide caption

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Before and after shots of Randy Howland. Howland grew out his hair and beard while working from home but decided to cut it off before a job interview. Lisa Howland hide caption

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A lawn maintenance worker mows the lawn of a foreclosed Lanham, Md., home. Fannie Mae spends tens of millions of dollars a year just on lawn maintenance for the more than 150,000 foreclosed properties on its books. Tamara Keith/NPR hide caption

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Army Spc. Christopher B. Fishbeck of Buena Park, Calif., poses for a photo on a rooftop during his tour of duty in Iraq. Courtsey of Fishbeck's Family hide caption

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The declassified Pentagon Papers released by the National Archives and the Nixon, Kennedy and Johnson Presidential Libraries. Tamara Keith/NPR hide caption

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Defense Secretary Robert Gates has sought to raise rates on military health insurance paid by working-age retirees. This week, he spoke to troops at Forward Operating Base Walton in Kandahar, Afghanistan. U.S. Navy/Getty Images hide caption

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David Jackson (left) and Dave Petrillo of Coffee Joulies brought in more than $300,000 using Kickstarter.com. Paul Agus/Courtesy of Coffee Joulies hide caption

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Elizabeth Warren, assistant to the president and special adviser to the Treasury secretary on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, testifies before a House Oversight Committee hearing on Tuesday. Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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