CodePink activists hold signs last January in support of U.S. Army Pfc. Bradley Manning, the alleged leaker of documents to WikiLeaks. Manning will appear in court for the first time Friday. Jacquelyn Martin/AP hide caption

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Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has forced inmates to wear pink and live in tent cities, gaining him a reputation as America's toughest sheriff. Joshua Lott/Getty Images hide caption

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Attorney General Eric Holder testifies before the House Judiciary Committee. He faces tough questions about the Justice Department's "Fast and Furious" gun-control program. Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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A placard of a child sits on a table during a conference Oct. 31 on human sex trafficking in Atlanta. The Georgia Department of Education estimates that about 5,000 girls in the state are at risk for trafficking each year. David Goldman/AP hide caption

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John Hinckley Jr. is escorted by police in Washington, D.C., on March 30, 1981, following his arrest after shooting and seriously wounding then-President Ronald Reagan. AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Students sit at the Virginia Tech campus on April 18, 2007, two days after a student killed 32 people and himself. FBI victim specialists span out to help in the wake of crimes like the Virginia Tech massacre. Mary Altaffer/AP hide caption

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Carolyn Lerner is the new head of the U.S. Office of Special Counsel. Peter Krogh/Courtesy of U.S. Office of Special Counsel hide caption

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