An exercise area for inmates in solitary confinement in California's Pelican Bay prison. Inmates are allowed to leave their windowless cells for 2 1/2 hours daily to exercise and bathe. Michael Montgomery/Center for Investigative Reporting hide caption

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At Maryland's Legal Aid Bureau in Baltimore, the doors are open every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It serves as a kind of legal emergency room for people who need help but can't afford a lawyer. Carrie Johnson/NPR hide caption

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Edward Carter's conviction for a 1974 crime was vacated by a judge after it was shown that Carter was innocent — and after he had spent 35 years in Michigan prisons. Brakkton Booker /NPR hide caption

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Former Sen. John Edwards leaves federal court in Greensboro, N.C., Thursday after jurors acquitted him of one felony count and a judge declared a mistrial on five other charges. Sara D. Davis/Getty Images hide caption

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Former Sen. John Edwards leaves the federal courthouse in Greensboro, N.C., on Tuesday. Chuck Liddy/MCT/Landov hide caption

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