Bryan Moffett

Vice President, Digital Strategy and Sponsorship Operations, National Public Media

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Doby Photography/NPR
Bryan Moffett 2010
Doby Photography/NPR

Bryan Moffett was appointed the Vice President of Digital Strategy and Sponsorship Operations of National Public Media (NPM) in June 2010. In this position, Moffett is responsible for managing the digital sponsorship business for NPR and PBS. NPM is a subsidiary of NPR and is owned in partnership with PBS and WGBH.

Joining NPR in 2005 as a Digital Media marketing analyst, Moffett was responsible for managing relationships with content partners and trying to build traffic and audience. About a year later, he took over digital sponsorship at NPR. During his time at NPR, Moffett has been an instrumental member in the team that launched podcasting, the NPR iPhone apps and the NPR iPad app.

Managing editorial publications and digital and IT infrastructure in radio, television and print publications for over 15 years, Moffett has contributed to some of the industry's most influential media organizations. In 1995, Moffett began his career at the Radio-Television News Directors Association as the managing editor, producing the flagship trade magazine, Communicator. Four years later he began working at Franklin Management Company as the chief technical officer, where he developed and supported the enterprise CRM and content management systems for associations and non-profits. In 2001, Moffett moved back to familiar territory at the Radio-Television News Directors Association as the editor and IT director, managing the editorial publications and digital and IT infrastructures.

Moffett holds a Bachelor of Arts in News-Editorial from West Virginia University and currently resides in Maryland with his wife. In his spare time he plays ice hockey in various local leagues.