Keith Ballard, right, of the Vancouver Canucks is tripped by Colin Fraser of the Los Angeles Kings for a penalty during game in Los Angeles on April 18. Researchers studying hockey penalties found that teams wearing black jerseys were far more likely to draw penalties than teams wearing other colored or white jerseys. Harry How/Getty Images hide caption

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Many Web users have little idea about how, or when, they're being tracked. In this 2011 photo, Max Schrems of Austria sits with 1,222 pages about his activities on Facebook — the company gave him the file after he requested it under European law. Ronald Zak/AP hide caption

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Each year, millions of Americans don't fill their prescriptions because they can't afford to. Maya Kovacheva Photography/ hide caption

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On days she comes to school hungry, K. Suchitra (center) knows she can eat at school. Ryan Lobo for NPR hide caption

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Future U.S. senator and presidential candidate John Kerry poses with crewmates during the Vietnam War in this file photo. An attack on his service by a group calling itself the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth is remembered as a turning point in the 2004 election. But political scientists say negative ads might not be that effective. AP hide caption

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President Obama signs the Affordable Care Act in the East Room of the White House on March 23, 2010. Data suggest that racial attitudes of ordinary Americans shape both how they feel about the health care overhaul and how intense those feelings are. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images hide caption

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In preparing the public for a disaster, officials want to make the right call, but they also want to avoid blame. Win McNamee/Getty Images hide caption

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Team USA goalkeeper Hope Solo fails to save Japanese defender Saki Kumagai's goal during the FIFA Women's Football World Cup final match on July 17 in Germany. Japan won 3-1 in a penalty shootout after the final finished 2-2 in extra time. John MacDougall/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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The research is contradictory — some scientists claim violent video games, like Grand Theft Auto, have an adverse effect on young people who play them while others see no such evidence. Grand Theft Auto/Rockstar Games hide caption

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Residents check an earthquake-damaged house in Sukagawa city on March 11, in the Fukushima prefecture in Japan. A researcher says that after large-scale natural disasters, it's frequently friends and neighbors who are key to survival. Jiji Press/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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