Soldiers march during a graduation ceremony for recruits of the Libyan army in Tripoli, the capital, on Jan. 16. The military, gutted by years under Moammar Gadhafi and by NATO attacks, faces multiple challenges as it tries to rebuild. Ismail Zitouny/Reuters/Landov hide caption

toggle caption Ismail Zitouny/Reuters/Landov

A child from the town of Tawargha holds a toy gun at a refugee camp in Benghazi on Jan. 12. His town was cleared by militiamen who accused residents of allying with Moammar Gadhafi. AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood (background) clash with supporters of Egypt's army chief Abdel-Fatah el-Sissi in Cairo on Jan. 24. Khaled Kamel/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

toggle caption Khaled Kamel/AFP/Getty Images

Mohammed Badr, a cameraman for Al-Jazeera, appears at a court in Cairo, on Dec. 4, 2013. He is among the journalists referred to the Egyptian criminal court Wednesday. Ahmed Omar/AP hide caption

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Egyptian security forces close Tahrir Square to disperse protesters in December. Ahmed Abd El Latif/AP hide caption

toggle caption Ahmed Abd El Latif/AP

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