Cheng Chui Ping, also known as "Sister Ping," died last Thursday. She portrayed herself as a clothing shop owner, but government investigators said her main business was smuggling Chinese immigrants into the U.S. Getty Images hide caption

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Cesar Chavez pulled in $3 million at the box office last weekend and did noticeably better in areas where the farmworkers advocate was most active. Courtesy of Lionsgate hide caption

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Fred Ho practices his baritone saxophone in a dressing room before a performance. Joseph Yoon/Courtesy of Fred Ho hide caption

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Iconoclastic Musician Takes Measure Of His Life: 'I Became A Fighter'
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Some clippings: "Hilar" or "hilars" mean "hilarious." "Alc" is shorthand for "alcohol" in some circles. And "obvi" is pretty straightforward (er, "obvious"). iStockphoto hide caption

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Two hands of different skin colors creating a heart, two hands of different skin colors intertwined. These are the types of images found in stock photo databases that are tagged "interracial romance." hide caption

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