Demonstrators carry posters of Abdelwahab Zaydoun, who set himself on fire and died from his burns Tuesday. Zaydoun was part of a movement protesting unemployment in Morocco. Abdeljalil Bounhar/AP hide caption

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Morocco's Islamist Justice and Development Party heads the country's new government, the result of snap elections called by the king. Here, Abdelilah Benkirane, the party's secretary general and now prime minister, arrives for an election rally in Sale on Nov. 1. The party now faces political as well as economic challenges. Paul Schemm/AP hide caption

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Morocco's King Mohammed VI introduced reforms after protests began last February. But activists say the measures didn't go far enough and they are still taking to the streets. Here, the king is shown in his palace in Rabat on June 17. Azzouz Boukallouch/AP hide caption

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The U.S. is still trying to formulate new policies for the fast-changing politics of the Middle East. Here, Hillary Clinton stands with Libyan fighters who ousted Moammar Gadhafi during an Oct. 18 visit by the U.S. secretary of state to the capital Tripoli. Kevin Lamarque/AFP/Getty Images) hide caption

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Moroccan rapper Mouad Belrhouate, shown here on an album cover, is commonly known as El-Haqed, or "the defiant one." He's been jailed for four months and is awaiting trial in Casablanca. His supporters say his case shows the limits of recent political changes introduced by King Mohammed VI. Deborah Amos/NPR hide caption

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Syria's embattled President Bashar Assad still has supporters, particularly among his fellow Alawites, a minority who believe they will suffer if Assad is ousted. Here, Assad supporters rally Tuesday in the capital, Damascus. SANA handout/EPA /Landov hide caption

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In this frame grab from an amateur video posted on YouTube, members of the Arab League monitor violence in the Syrian city of Homs this week. YouTube hide caption

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Syrian security forces shot Rabih al-Zain, a 30-year-old Syrian, while he was trying to help wounded civilians in Homs, Syria. Doctors and ordinary Syrians and Lebanese are helping treat the wounded, putting their own safety at risk. Deborah Amos/NPR hide caption

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Arab League Secretary General Nabil Al Arabi (far left) meets with foreign ministers of the Arab League in Cairo on Nov. 27. The group imposed tough sanctions against Syria at that meeting, but is now wavering when it comes to implementing them. Khaled Elfiqi/EPA/Landov hide caption

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Srdja Popovic, who runs the Center for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies, speaks in Belgrade in February. He played a prominent role in ousting Serbia's dictator in 2000, and has worked with Arabs involved in uprisings in their countries during the past year. Darko Vojinovic/AP hide caption

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