For fans of TV chef Paula Deen (seen here in a photo from 2006), her appeal lies not in the recipes, but in that feeling that she's talking just to you. Courtesy of Food Network/AP hide caption

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Narragansett and Standard Bronze heritage breed turkeys browse at a farm in Westport, Mass. Stephan Savoia/AP hide caption

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Melissa Forsyth/NPR

Pizza for sale at a Chicago public school. Under a House spending bill, this would still count as a vegetable serving — without extra sauce. Tim Boyle/Getty Images hide caption

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Students of the the Dawes School Edible Garden Project, a program of Slow Food Chicago. Dawes School Edible Garden Project via Slow Foods USA hide caption

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A nurse burps a baby after he's been fed, circa 1955. Doctors say that for babies with extreme reflux, off-label use of heartburn drugs can sometimes help. But frequently changes to the mother's diet can be a simpler fix. George Heyer/Three Lions/Getty Images hide caption

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In a cavernous barn, distillers make whiskey with rye, corn and malted barley.

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Brain researchers say the big fluctuations in IQ performance they found in teens were not random — or a fluke. hide caption

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French Laundry pastry chef Lena Kwak with the gluten-free flour she developed.

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Eric Jensen examines cantaloupe on the Jensen Farms near Holly, Colo., in late September. The FDA recalled cantaloupe grown on the farm after connecting the melons with a deadly listeria outbreak.

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"Skinny genes": Maybe Gwyneth Paltrow can thank her mom, actress Blythe Danner, for her trimness? Parental weight strongly influences thinness in children, researchers say.

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