Gilberto Morales Pedraza, 20, as Jesus Christ, leads the disciples through the streets of the Mexico City neighborhood of Ixtapalapa. This is the 168th year that residents of this neighborhood have re-enacted Christ's final days in Jerusalem, his crucifixion and his resurrection. Jason Beaubien/NPR hide caption

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Juana Sanchez, 57, waits for news about her 38-year-old son, who has been missing since May 2010, in front of the morgue in Matamoros, in the northern Mexican state of Tamaulipas, on Friday. Alexandre Meneghini/AP hide caption

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Then-candidate Michel Martelly casts his ballot at a polling station during a presidential runoff in Port-au-Prince, on March 20. Ramon Espinosa/AP hide caption

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A farmer stands in front of a mountain of spinach, disposed after gathering in Fukushima, Japan, on March 26. The government has banned the sale of milk, spinach and other leafy vegetables from Fukushima and neighboring prefectures. Jun Yasukawa/Yomiuri Shimbun/AP hide caption

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On March 27, members of the environmental group Greenpeace monitor contamination levels at Iitate village near the Fukushima nuclear complex, just outside the 12-mile mandatory evacuation zone. The area is not under any order to evacuate, yet nearly half of Iitate's 6,000 residents have fled town. Christian Aslund/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Japanese workers load the body of a elderly man into the back of a cargo truck after finding him dead in the wreckage of Rikuzentakata, Iwate prefecture, on March 23. David Gilkey/NPR hide caption

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Survivors push bicycles along streets Thursday in the devastated city of Ishinomaki, Miyagi prefecture, in northeastern Japan. The powerful earthquake and resulting tsunami devastated the area about two weeks ago. Vincent Yu/AP hide caption

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A woman carries fuel as lines of people wait with hopes of filling containers in Fukushima city on March 20. Wally Santana/AP hide caption

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U.S. Air Force and Japanese Defense Force workers unload relief supplies at Misawa Air Base in Japan on Saturday. Both the Air Force and the Navy are using the base to move crucial materials to the affected areas of the tsunami and earthquake zones on the northeast coast of Japan's main island. David Gilkey/NPR hide caption

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A man looks over at the empty pumps of a filling station near the town of Noda. David Gilkey/NPR hide caption

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A rebel militiaman stands guard at a Libyan oil refinery Sunday in Al Brega, Libya. The opposition leadership has stressed that oil facilities in rebel-held territory are safe, despite the conflict roiling the country. John Moore/Getty Images hide caption

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