Spike Lee's new documentary charts the King of Pop's journey from child stardom to early fame as a solo act. Courtesy of SHOWTIME hide caption

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Producer Harvey Weinstein has loved War and Peace ever since he first read it (slowly) at age 12. "It's sexy; there's nudity. It's unbelievable," he says. Above, James Norton as Andrei and Lily James as Natasha. Laurie Sparham/BBC 2015 hide caption

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British singer David Bowie attends a press conference at the 36th Cannes Film Festival in 1983. Bowie died Sunday at the age of 69. Ralph Gatti/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Filmmaker Alejandro González Iñárritu's latest is called The Revenant — a tale of endurance, survival, love and revenge. The film was shot using only natural sunlight and firelight in remote areas of Canada and Argentina. "Every molecule of this film was absolutely difficult," Iñárritu says. Courtesy Twentieth Century Fox hide caption

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Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy is aware that all of her film mentors have been men. "Part of my responsibility is I need to bring other women along," she says. Vincent Sandoval/FilmMagic hide caption

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Mariachi Manchester. Piero F Giunti/Courtesy of the artist hide caption

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Music Interviews

Mariachi Band Brings Morrissey To Dia De Los Muertos

At one of the largest Day of the Dead celebrations in L.A., Mariachi Manchester reinterprets the work of The Smiths' lead singer.

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Famous horror film actor Vincent Price also co-wrote a best-selling cookbook in the 1960s with his then-wife, Mary. The original cover of the book, A Treasury Of Great Recipes, is seen at left. It's just been reissued. William Claxton/A Treasury of Great Recipes; Price Family Trust hide caption

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Stacks of bowls in the company's signature colors, like "sand" and "light grey whale." Mandalit del Barco/NPR hide caption

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