Members of the Treme Brass Band walk through the 9th Ward after attending a Memorial Day service honoring the victims of Hurricane Katrina in 2006. Mario Tama/Getty Images hide caption

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Marcia Muller's long-running Sharon McCone mystery series is set in San Francisco and follows Detective Sharon McCone as she helps clean the city up -- one murderer at a time. shakestercody/Flickr hide caption

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Last month, former adult film star Diana Grandmason and officials from the AIDS Healthcare Foundation announced a lawsuit against Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation, or AIM, a Los Angeles-area HIV testing clinic funded by and serving the adult film industry. Grandmason and another former adult film actress, Bess Garren — who is also her daughter — are suing because they say the release forms actors are required to sign at the clinic are too broad. Damian Dovarganes/AP hide caption

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Real-life "Madonnas" of Echo Park: Sixteen-year-olds (from left) Ana Rivas, Michelle De Leon, Brenda Marones and Yesenia Pum pose at a neighborhood grocery store on Sunset Boulevard. They are all participants in the writing group 826LA. Mandalit Del Barco/NPR hide caption

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Chefs at The Farmacy's special kitchen in Los Angeles whip up handmade "herbally enhanced" gelatos, butter and other goodies. It's part of the shop's effort to be a high-end wellness boutique -- not just a medical marijuana dispensary. Mandalit del Barco/NPR hide caption

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Looking down from his rooftop lookout post to a homeless shelter on Skid Row in Los Angeles, LAPD senior lead officer Deon Joseph says: "See that guy in the wheelchair right there? Looks like he may be trying to stuff a crack pipe ... Yup, he just made a drug deal." Mandalit del Barco/NPR hide caption

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Bricia Lopez, 25, teamed with her younger brother Fernando, 22, to open the Oaxacan fast-food restaurant Cemitas y Clayudas Pal Cabron in Huntington Park, Calif. She says she believes in the U.S. government and has seen her — and her parents' — American dreams come true. Mandalit del Barco/NPR hide caption

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Supporters argue that traffic cameras increase safety as well as revenues, but angry drivers cry foul. hide caption

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