Michigan Department of Human Services caseworker Sandy Satchel works at the Family Independence Agency in Detroit. In the past few years, welfare caseloads have dropped 2 percent in Michigan while unemployment has risen 54 percent, a trend that's reflected in other states. Carlos Osorio/AP hide caption

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A voter casts a ballot in a Democratic primary on July 12 in Wisconsin, one of seven states to enact voter ID laws this year. Dinesh Ramde/AP hide caption

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John Harrison (right) says his homelessness is in "remission." Pam Fessler/NPR hide caption

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Robert Laws collects supplies from the Tennessee food bank's mobile pantry. Pam Fessler hide caption

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Food Bank Shortages Lead To Innovation

Food banks in the U.S. are seeing increased demand for limited resources. One in Tennessee is thinking up new ways to combat the shortage.

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Steven White (right) helps serve dinner at the Salvation Army soup kitchen. Pam Fessler/NPR hide caption

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Three Cups of Tea author Greg Mortenson, with son Khyber and daughter Amira, sit with students at the Gultori War refugee school in Pakistan. A 60 Minutes report questioned some of the stories Mortenson tells in the book and his charity's use of funds. Deidre Eitel/PR Newswire/AP hide caption

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Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said a warning will only be issued if there's specific information about a credible threat. Still, on Sunday night her department warned state and local law enforcement to be prepared for the possibility of an attack. Jeff Roberson/AP hide caption

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Philip Doud and his girlfriend, Cathy Espong, sit in their new one-bedroom apartment. They both lost their jobs and were found living on a San Diego sidewalk during a survey of the city's homeless population last fall. The Department of Veterans Affairs helped move the couple into permanent housing as part of a campaign to end homelessness. Pam Fessler /NPR hide caption

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