Nighthawks are known for their repeated "peent" call as they hunt for flying insects. Bill Bouton/Flickr hide caption

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Keiji Nagashima has been farming spinach in Ibaraki prefecture for 25 years but will be destroying this year's crop because of fears of radiation exposure. "I can't have a life without the spinach," he says. Richard Harris/NPR hide caption

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Oobleck has some novel physical properties. When it's moved slowly, it acts smooth and runny, like a liquid. But move it quickly and forcefully, and it locks up, becoming almost solid. Jonathan Makiri/NPR hide caption

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The ice surface of Antarctica, looking toward the Gamburtsev Mountains and Dome A. Deep below the surface here, new ice is forming around the mountains and pushing upward. The black flags in the distance mark the edge of the runway for research aircraft studying the area. Robin E. Bell/Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory hide caption

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A giant clam and healthy coral reef on the east side of Palau. The coral reefs of Palau are part of a massive interconnected system that ties together Micronesia and the Western Pacific. Ian Shive/World Resources Institute hide caption

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Hundreds of supporters for and against a bill that would restrict collective bargaining rights of public employees fill the Ohio Statehouse rotunda on Thursday in Columbus. Terry Gilliam/AP hide caption

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Streets and homes close to Wimmera River flooded on Jan. 18, 2011, in Horsham, Australia. Residents and emergency crews sandbagged properties, and evacuations were ordered in the town in preparation for the worst flooding in more than 200 years. Researchers now have data that links global warming to specific weather events. Richard Kendall/Getty Images hide caption

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