A 2011 sketch by artist Michael Heizer shows the walkway visitors will use to pass under the granite boulder at the center of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art's installation. (Click here to enlarge.) Courtesy of Michael Heizer hide caption

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A fire burns out of control at the corner of 67th St. and West Blvd. in South Central Los Angeles on April 30, 1992. Hundreds of buildings burned when riots erupted after the verdicts in the Rodney King case were announced. Paul Sakuma/AP hide caption

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Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich, with his wife, Callista, delivers remarks Sunday during a rally with senior citizens at The Villages retirement community in Lady Lake, Fla. Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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In California, prison inmates who have committed serious crimes and have been diagnosed with a major mental illness can be forced to serve their parole in a state hospital. At Atascadero State Hospital, shown above in this 1999 photo, there are more than 600 such patients. "As a group," says the hospital's director, "the mentally disordered offenders are the most aggressive." Reed Saxon/AP hide caption

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Metropolitan State Hospital employees and supporters gathered outside the hospital in Norwalk, Calif., this summer to protest repeated assaults at the hands of mental patients, and what they called dangerous working conditions. Nick Ut/AP hide caption

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From left, GOP presidential candidates Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Rick Perry and Mitt Romney participate in the Fox News/Google GOP debate at the Orange County Convention Center in September. Since then, the candidates have gotten tougher on each other. Mark Wilson/Getty Images hide caption

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Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (left) and Texas Gov. Rick Perry got into a heated exchange about immigration during Tuesday's GOP presidential debate in Las Vegas.

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Herman Cain (left) watched as former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (center) and Texas Gov. Rick Perry spoke during what became a heated Republican presidential debate Tuesday night in Las Vegas.

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An unmanned ROV (remotely operated vehicle) is launched 900 feet underwater to study the wreckage of the SS Montebello.

Robert Schwemmer/NOAA/USCG hide caption

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