(Left) Nelson Rockefeller examines a painting at New York's Museum of Modern Art in 1939. (Right) Diego Rivera, seen here in 1933, works on a panel of his mural in the lobby of Rockefeller Center. (Left) Bettmann/CORBIS. (Right) AP hide caption

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A woman in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, hangs her laundry to dry in front of her home. Her family made the shelter out of tin and tarps on land where their home stood before a massive earthquake devastated the nation in 2010. An estimated 80,000 Haitians displaced by the quake remain in tents. Joe Raedle/Getty Images hide caption

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Young Cubans prepare their sticks to charge the latest internet "package" with films, television series, software and other similar stuff from foreign origin downloaded from the web. AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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