Leah Bannon (sitting) works on her laptop at 18F, a GSA project that aims to make government websites more user friendly and change the way government buys IT systems. Emily Jan/NPR hide caption

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The Terrorism Risk Insurance Program guarantees insurance payments in case of a terrorist attack at places like shopping malls, big-city high rises, and events like the Super Bowl. Jamie Squire/Getty Images hide caption

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In June, the driver of this tractor-trailer reportedly fell asleep at the wheel, causing a wreck that dumped a cargo of beer cans into the median of Interstate 29 near Summit, S.D., according to the South Dakota Highway Patrol, which supplied this photo. South Dakota Highway Patrol/AP hide caption

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Amazon is developing an unmaned aircraft project that it hopes will deliver purchases in 30 minutes or less. The FAA has been struggling to write regulations for such aircraft, but is expected to release rules this month. AP hide caption

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