Auto show worker Jorge Martinez details a 2014 Buick Regal in preparation for display Jan. 11. The Regal is equipped with technology that senses a potential accident and slows the car automatically. Rebecca Cook/Reuters /Landov hide caption

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"Any federal employee who's driving a Dodge Viper either has a really good spouse, a really good inheritance or needs to be investigated by the inspector general," Labor Secretary Tom Perez says at the Detroit Auto Show. Brian Naylor/NPR hide caption

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To help cut down on fraud, Congress is limiting access to the Social Security Administration's data about people who die in the United States each year. iStockphoto hide caption

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Joe Biden has a light-hearted moment in the Old Senate Chambers in January. The vice president has not ruled out running for president in 2016. Cliff Owen/AP hide caption

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For years, sports broadcasts were a staple of AM radio. But now, AM seems to be mostly a mix of talk shows and infomercials, and the Federal Communications Commission wants the band to be relevant again. Doug Pensinger/Getty Images hide caption

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The limousine carrying President John F. Kennedy races toward the hospital after he was shot in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963, with Secret Service agent Clint Hill riding on the back. Justin Newman/AP hide caption

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Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius speaks Thursday in Phoenix. Laura Segall/Getty Images hide caption

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Democrat Terry McAuliffe (left) and Republican Ken Cuccinelli talk before a debate in the Virginia gubernatorial race, last month in McLean, Va. Linda Davidson/The Washington Post/AP hide caption

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A sign hangs in the window of an information booth at the Lincoln Memorial in December 1995, announcing the temporary closure of the attraction due to the government shutdown. Mark Wilson/AP hide caption

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Carnegie Mellon's autonomous car, developed with General Motors, is by all appearances a normal Cadillac SRX crossover — except for the big red button in the middle of the dashboard. In an emergency, the button allows the car to be switched immediately back to standard driving mode. GM-Carnegie Mellon Autonomous Driving Collaborative Research Lab hide caption

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U.S. Postal Service letter carrier Jamesa Euler delivers mail in the rain in Atlanta in February. David Goldman/AP hide caption

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President Obama has nominated John Koskinen to be commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service. Ron Edmonds/AP hide caption

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