Spanish novelist Miguel de Cervantes died nearly 400 years ago, but Grossman says she feels a closeness to him when she translates his work. "I'd love to have a couple of drinks with him, to sit and chat and talk about literature," Grossman says. Hulton Archive/Getty Images hide caption

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39 Clues protagonist Dan Cahill (above) comes from the world's most powerful family -- but doesn't know why. Readers help Dan and his sister Amy search for the 39 clues that will reveal the mysterious source of their family's power. Scholastic hide caption

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Remember When They All Used To Look Like This?: Independent bookstore Greenlight Books opened in Brooklyn a year ago -- and is currently thriving. Lance Edmonds hide caption

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Paul Auster is the acclaimed author of The New York Trilogy, Man in the Dark, Invisible and other books. Stephane De Sakutin/Getty Images hide caption

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Born in Oslo, Per Petterson worked as a bookseller, a translator and literary critic before becoming a full-time writer. Finn Stale Felberg hide caption

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Brandon Hamilton, a senior and economics major at Reed College, does schoolwork on his iPad by the college's Old Dorm Block. Kevin Myers hide caption

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