The Cat In The Hat makes an appearance at a party during the Tools of Change 2012 conference in New York last week. Pinar Ozger/O'Reilly Conferences/Flickr hide caption

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Tourtiere is "one of Canada's better contributions to the culinary world," says Thomas Naylor, executive chef to the Canadian ambassador to the U.S. Larry Crowe/AP hide caption

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Basil Rathbone (right), as Sherlock Holmes, and Nigel Bruce, as Dr. Watson, in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, 1945. AP hide caption

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Priscilla Nielsen for NPR

Shirley Mason was the psychiatric patient whose life was portrayed in the 1973 book Sybil. The book and subsequent film caused an enormous spike in reported cases of multiple personality disorder. Mason later admitted she had faked her multiple personalities.

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