Artificial hips have been a big advancement in treating debilitating arthritis. But there have been reports of medical issues — some serious — in patients with all-metal implants. hide caption

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A tattoo artist prepares inks before working on a client. The FDA says it wants to learn more about what goes into tattoo inks. Maggie Starbard/NPR hide caption

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Most Americans spend the majority of their waking hours sitting still in front of a computer or television. hide caption

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Paul Rider runs on Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles, March 25, 2011. Researchers say a moderate running regimen is actually beneficial for the joints of people with healthy knees. Dennis J. Provost for NPR hide caption

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Doctors are treating sleep apnea with a type of robotic surgery typically used to remove cancerous tumors at the back of the throat. Courtesy of hide caption

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On this week's podcast we hear about needle biopsies, a less costly and less invasive alternative to surgical biopsies for breast cancer. National Cancer Institute hide caption

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Sandy Palais, 73, of Arizona started lifting weights about 10 years ago after she was diagnosed with osteoporosis. Jason Millstein for NPR hide caption

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An airline passenger wears a mask to protect against viruses. Passengers are at risk of becoming infected in the airplane's cabin, just as they would be in any crowded, confined space. Eitan Abramovich/AFP via Getty Images hide caption

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Evidence shows babies fed with formula gain weight more rapidly than breastfed babies. Dr Craig/via Flickr hide caption

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Severe mental illness among college students has increased dramatically over the last ten years.  The most common problem is anxiety and depression. Allison Rose/ hide caption

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Jay Ducote with his award-winning Blackberry, Bourbon, Butt dish, a pork shoulder injected with honey and bourbon, and smoked for 12 hours.  Ducote appreciates good food and drink, but says he sometimes overdoes it. Nicole Colvin hide caption

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Yolanda Hilario and her younger teenage son, Noel, sit in their living room in South Central Los Angeles on Dec. 15. Hilario is trying to balance guidelines and independence for her two teenage boys. Dennis J. Provost for NPR hide caption

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