A recent study found melanoma risk increased as much as three times among people who tanned more than 50 hours in their lifetime, or had more than 100 sessions in a tanning booth. iStockphoto.com hide caption

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Texting behind the wheel almost killed 16-year-old driver Tyler Young. Courtesy of The News On 6 hide caption

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Many people with a hoarding anxiety disorder need to take baby steps in order to cope with organization — like cleaning a bit at a time, rather than getting rid of everything at once. Grap/Wikimedia Commons hide caption

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For athletes and nonathletes alike, stretching to keep muscles limber may help prevent cramping later in life. Ian Stewart/AP hide caption

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Despite public health messages about exercise and eating healthfully, many children are acquiring what used to be considered "adult diseases," like diabetes and high blood pressure. M. Spencer Green/AP hide caption

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After being treated with shampoos and lotions containing insecticides for many years, some lice have become resistant to treatment. Dr. David Phillips/Corbis hide caption

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As we age, our muscles deteriorate, and they don't repair as quickly as they used to. But the good news is that exercise and weightlifting can still make muscles stronger. Al Bello/Getty Images hide caption

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