Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu waves as he walks away with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Mark Wilson/Getty Images hide caption

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Afghan President Hamid Karzai arrives at Chaklala airbase in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, on Wednesday. Karzai is in Pakistan on a two-day visit for talks with Pakistani leaders after his government called for the extradition of a senior Taliban commander captured in Pakistan. STR/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Pakistani soldiers leave a cave complex that housed a key militant headquarters in Damadola earlier this month. Pakistan's army said it had captured a key Taliban and al-Qaida complex dug into rocky mountains near the Afghan border after killing 75 local and foreign militants. A recent crackdown on Afghan Taliban leadership has disrupted the group's operations, analysts say. A Majeed/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Iraqi supporters of former Prime Minister Ayad Allawi's Al-Iraqiya secular alliance campaign last week in the multi-ethnic Iraqi city of Kirkuk, about 160 miles north of Baghdad. Marwan Ibrahim/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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A lieutenant issues orders as U.S. Marines come under Taliban sniper fire in the northeast of Marjah on Feb. 14. Patrick Baz/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Should the U.S. frame sanctions in protest of human rights violations or of Iran's nuclear program? AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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A member of the Icelandic search and rescue team searches under the collapsed roof of a school in Leogane, a city close to the epicenter of last week's earthquake. Jackie Northam/NPR hide caption

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A Haitian rescue worker helps the L.A. County Search and Rescue team in in downtown Port-au-Prince. David Gilkey/NPR hide caption

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