The bdelloid rotifer Philodina gregaria. Bdelloid rotifers are tiny invertebrates that reproduce asexually. Courtesy of Micrographia hide caption

toggle caption Courtesy of Micrographia

Researchers dyed sperm from each deer mouse a different color; in this case, red represents one male and green another. The sperm joined together with their own kind, as seen here, allowing them to swim faster than those that did not cluster together. Heidi Fisher hide caption

toggle caption Heidi Fisher

A two-dimensional representation of E8 symmetry, the type of symmetry exhibited by particles in the study. John Stembridge hide caption

toggle caption John Stembridge

Scientist turned director Valerie Weiss discusses a scene with cinematographer Jamie Urman on the set of her film, Losing Control. Courtesy of Richard Salazar hide caption

toggle caption Courtesy of Richard Salazar

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