A National Science Foundation artist's drawing shows the inner four planets orbiting Gliese 581, a red dwarf star just 20 light-years from Earth. The newly discovered planet, in the foreground, has a 37-day orbit and, like Earth, is distant enough from the star for liquid water to exist. Lynette Cook hide caption

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Albert Einstein's theory of relativity challenges how we perceive time in our everyday lives. Now, researchers have a device precise and accurate enough to measure its effects in the laboratory. Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images hide caption

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Basking sharks have been added to the "species of concern" list, and scientists hope to learn more about how the giant fish behaves in Pacific waters. Gregory B. Skomal/NOAA hide caption

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Oxygen is carried by red blood cells, but a specific mutation can cause the cells to take on a sickle shape and make them inefficient at carrying oxygen.  This highly adaptive mutation spread through Africa once malaria became a problem there. EM Unit, UCL Medical School, Royal Free Campus/Wellcome Images hide caption

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Visions of the North Blog

Robert O'Rourke was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis in late 2006.  The lung disease causes scarring in the lungs, which makes breathing difficult. There's no cure yet, and researchers aren't certain what causes the disease. Courtesy of Robert O'Rourke hide caption

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Liam, a capuchin monkey, will respond differently to a simple test if another monkey receives a more favorable food reward for performing the same task. Laurent Pretot hide caption

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Astronauts will spacewalk on Wednesday in an attempt to fix a broken cooling pump aboard the International Space Station. Though a second pump is currently working, NASA officials are worried about the possibility of it shutting down before the broken pump is fixed. NASA hide caption

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Sound Asleep: NASA's Mars rover Spirit, seen here in an artist's rendering, has been hibernating through the the cold and dark Martian winter, and mission scientists aren't sure when its solar panels will have charged the batteries enough for it to wake up. NASA hide caption

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A view of the personalisation of the adidas Jo'bulani official match ball for the 2010 FIFA World Cup Final between the Netherlands and Spain. This ball was named slightly different than the one that has been used throughout the tournament. Richard Heathcote/Getty Images Europe hide caption

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Show Me Your Cleats! - World Cup 2010 Blog

What Physics Says About Smooth Balls

You'd assume the a new, smoother ball would make be faster and steadier. But you'd be wrong.

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You can thank this Tiktaalik fish for  your bones and evolution for some of your health problems. copepodo/ hide caption

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Shots - Health News

Got Hemorrhoids? Blame Your Inner Fish

We've got a lot to thank a little fish for -- our necks, shoulders, elbows, wrists and knees, to name a few.

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