Songdo, outside Seoul, was envisioned as a futuristic international business hub, drawing residents from all over the world. Instead, this young city has become populated mostly by Koreans. Ari Shapiro/NPR hide caption

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Monzer Omar (right) gives his friend Hatem Alhees a shave after they and hundreds of other Syrian refugees spent the night in a city park in Budapest, Hungary. NPR has followed Omar on his journey from Turkey to central Europe. Joanna Kakissis for NPR hide caption

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Queen Elizabeth II and royal family members watch from a balcony at Buckingham Palace during her annual birthday parade in June. Chris Jackson/Getty Images hide caption

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Paul Kingsnorth — seen here in front of his writing shed — used a crowdfunding platform to publish The Wake after mainstream houses didn't bite. Rich Preston/NPR hide caption

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Chef Simon Hopkinson says mayonnaise is a total pleasure to make, but people are often frightened to try to make it themselves. Monika Evstatieva /NPR hide caption

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