The British National Archives has digitized and posted online about 1.5 million pages of diaries from soldiers and units that fought in World War I. Here, a photo of the 12th (Prince of Wales') Lancers Group. From a private collection, provided courtesy of the National Archives hide caption

toggle caption From a private collection, provided courtesy of the National Archives

NPR's Ari Shapiro, who recently moved to London and set up a bank account, reports that it can still be an expensive and time consuming process to transfer money internationally. Here, people pass by a branch of Lloyds Bank in London, on Sept. 17. Sang Tan/AP hide caption

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The TV series Downton Abbey has dealt with the issue of inheritance that allows British hereditary peers to pass down titles and estates to male relatives, but not female ones. Parliament is now considering a change to that law. Nick Briggs/AP/PBS hide caption

toggle caption Nick Briggs/AP/PBS

Though most people rely on cellphones, not pay phones these days, the telephone boxes aren't obsolete. During an art exhibit in summer 2012, artist Benjamin Shine transformed one into a work called Box Lounger, on display here in Central St. Giles in London. Dave Catchpole/Flickr hide caption

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The Shard, the tallest building in Western Europe at 1,016 feet, was inaugurated in London in 2012. It got its formal name when the builders adopted the term used by critics, who called it a "shard of glass" in the city's skyline. Ben Fitzpatrick/AP hide caption

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By many standards, President Obama had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year. Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP hide caption

toggle caption Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP

Every year, on the day after Thanksgiving, almost 100 volunteer decorators show up at the White House. They spend the next five days stringing garlands and hanging ornaments, making the White House sparkle for the holidays. Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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