When Margaux learned that the college ruling meant she'd still have to attend university with her assailant, she dropped out of school. Beth Rooney/Aurora for NPR hide caption

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Margaux's parents were shocked at how few options there were for their daughter to prosecute the man who sexually assaulted her. Joseph Shapiro/NPR hide caption

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Laura Dunn in 2003, a year before the incident that changed her life. Courtesy Laura Dunn hide caption

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Judi Chamberlin, an advocate for people with mental illness, died over the weekend at her home in Arlington, Mass., at the age of 65. Her 1978 book, On Our Own, became a manifesto for patients, and influenced the mental health establishment. Tom Olin/MindFreedom International hide caption

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The cornea and lens are responsible for focusing light on the retina. Vision problems are most often the result of an imperfectly shaped eyeball, cornea or lens that prevents light from being properly focused within the eye. National Eye Institute hide caption

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Charles Lord photographed the horrific conditions in the Philadelphia State Hospital, a mental institution better known as Byberry. Charles Lord hide caption

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