On April 29, 1975, as Saigon was falling to Communist North Vietnamese forces, a small U.S. Navy destroyer escort ship, the USS Kirk, played a dramatic but almost forgotten role in rescuing up to 30,000 South Vietnamese. Here, a member of the USS Kirk's crew tends to a Vietnamese baby. Hugh Doyle hide caption

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Choy, here with his wife, Monica, says he is angry that the waiver he signed relinquishes the oil company from responsibility, when responsibility on the oil rig was what the company stressed to its workers. Ben Sklar for NPR hide caption

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Christopher Choy is haunted by the sound of explosions and the guilt of leaving men behind. Ben Sklar for NPR hide caption

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There's still debate about whether men who commit sexual assault on college campuses are predators, or men who got drunk and made a mistake. Getty Images hide caption

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When Margaux learned that the college ruling meant she'd still have to attend university with her assailant, she dropped out of school. Beth Rooney/Aurora for NPR hide caption

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Margaux's parents were shocked at how few options there were for their daughter to prosecute the man who sexually assaulted her. Joseph Shapiro/NPR hide caption

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Laura Dunn in 2003, a year before the incident that changed her life. Courtesy Laura Dunn hide caption

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