This Qing Dynasty porcelain incense burner dates back to the late 17th century. Freer Gallery of Art hide caption

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Jim Pearce's latest album is inspired by his years making a modest living as a working musician. courtesy of the artist hide caption

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Nancy Astor, pictured here in a John Singer Sargent portrait from 1909, represents the 19th-century American feminine ideal: soft, delicate, and clad in European-made clothes. As the 20th century developed, that ideal shifted. National Trust / Art Resource hide caption

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John McCormack could sing anything, from opera to German lieder to Irish folk songs. Hulton Archive/Getty Images hide caption

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Collection of Steve Spielberg

Claude Monet bought his house in Giverny seven years after he first started renting it. He worked hard to create the gardens, later featured in his paintings, around his home. Fondation Claude Monet hide caption

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Claude Monet

Boudin painted his Personnages sur la plage de Trouville in 1865, about 10 years after befriending Monet. Henri Brauner/Musee Eugène Boudin, Honfleur hide caption

itoggle caption Henri Brauner/Musee Eugène Boudin, Honfleur

A 1930 Martin Ukelele. courtesy of Tony Coleman hide caption

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Chris Silas Neal

A painted wood carving by an unidentified internee depicts the Heart Mountain Relocation Center in Wyoming. It is showcased in The Art Of Gaman, a new exhibit curated by Delphine Hirasuna and currently on display at Smithsonian's Renwick Gallery in Washington, D.C. Photo: Terry Heffernan/Japanese American Museum of San Jose hide caption

itoggle caption Photo: Terry Heffernan/Japanese American Museum of San Jose

Buddha and his attendants stay zen at the bustling Virgin America ticket counter in the International Terminal at SFO. They are part of The Resplendent Stone, an exhibit of Chinese jade pieces on loan from the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco. Beth Novey/NPR hide caption

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Warner Bros.

Ella Fitzgerald had not one sad edge to her voice. She always had listeners smiling by the second note. George Konig/Hulton Archive hide caption

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