In The Ghost Writer, Ewan McGregor plays an unnamed author charged with writing a memoir about the former U.K. prime minister. Catrall plays the premier's seductive mistress. Summit Entertainment hide caption

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Behind Enemy Lines: With Earth in trouble, humans are off to Pandora — and the native Na'vi are ready to fight for their home. Genetically hybridized and assigned to infiltrate them, combat veteran Jake Sully (Sam Worthington, left) goes native himself when he meets Neytiri (Zoe Saldana). WETA/20th Century Fox hide caption

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'Lovely,' isn't she? Saoirse Ronan brings an appealing naturalness to the part of a murdered girl looking down on the world that survived her, but Peter Jackson's film of The Lovely Bones misses the delicate balance that made the novel work. DreamWorks Studios hide caption

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Last Call: George Clooney plays Ryan Bingham, a corporate hit man hired to fly around the country and fire downsized employees. A frequent flier and a professional drifter, Ryan leads a life devoid of attachment. Dale Robinette/Paramount Pictures hide caption

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Such Sweet Sorrow: Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella (Kristin Stewart) take a break in the second Twilight film. hide caption

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Fox Searchlight Pictures

Free All That You Can Be: George Clooney and Kevin Spacey play members of a New Age Army unit whose special skills include cloudbursting and spirit channeling. When the unit's leader goes missing, all signs point to a renegade member. Laura Macgruder hide caption

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Thai Treasure? Born to a rural family, Tony Jaa herded elephants as a kid and apprenticed with stuntman and action-film director Panna Rittikrai when he was 15. Magnet Releasing hide caption

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He's King Of His World: Max (Max Records) brandishes his scepter before his loyal — well, loyal as wild things can be — subjects. From left: The Bull (Michael Berry), Douglas (Chris Cooper), Alexander (Paul Dano), Judith (Catherine O'Hara), KW (Lauren Ambrose), Ira (Forest Whitaker) and Carol (James Gandolfini). Warner Bros. Pictures hide caption

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Life studies: A 16-year-old schoolgirl (Carey Mulligan, center) learns hard lessons — but also discovers a thing or two about the value of experience — as she navigates an affair with an older man. Kerry Brown/Sony Pictures Classics hide caption

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