Shock And Aw-Shucks: Adam's best friend, Kyle (Seth Rogen), bucks him up with black comedy — and a trip to the bar to troll for babes. Chris Helcermanas-Benge/Summit Entertainment hide caption

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Citizen Welles: Tyro filmmaker Orson Welles' bigger-than-life movie debut was hailed in some quarters as groundbreaking, damned in others as slanderous. Hulton Archive/Getty Images hide caption

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Tommy (Tom Hardy, left) and Brendan (Joel Edgerton) are battling brothers in Warrior — a domestic drama that feels surprisingly epic. Chuck Zlotnick/Lionsgate hide caption

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Tin(pot) soldiers: John Cho, Neil Patrick Harris, and Kal Penn in A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas Darren Michaels/Warner Bros. Pictures hide caption

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Short On Guile, Long On Hair: Ned (Paul Rudd), a trusting, open, sweetly innocent farmer, annoys his comparatively guarded sisters, including Miranda (Elizabeth Banks), by always saying exactly what's on his mind. Nicole Rivelli/The Weinstein Company hide caption

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The Two Pinkies: Whether played by Richard Attenborough (left) in 1947 or Sam Riley (right) in 2011, the tough-talking psychopath rests at the depraved moral center of Brighton Rock. He's obsessed with Catholicism — not for heaven, but for hell. Warner Home Video/IFC Films hide caption

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Sibling Revelry: For Nannerl Mozart (Marie Feret), 18th-century Europe was unwelcoming to women with her (according to the film) considerable gifts. Therefore, Wolfgang (David Moreau), her younger brother, became the pride of the Mozart family. Sylvain Bonniol/Music Box Films hide caption

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Taking A Stand: Kathryn Bolkovac (Rachel Weisz), a police officer who moves to Bosnia to work with the United Nations, makes the decision to speak out against the moral turpitude of her fellow peacekeepers. Director Larysa Kondracki commits wholesale to a straightforward heroes-and-villains approach. Andrei Alexandru/Samuel Goldwyn Films hide caption

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Love, Sick: Cal (Steve Carell) gets thrown into hapless bachelorhood when he discovers that his wife has been cheating on him. Even as he gradually eases back into the single life, he still pines for the stability (and woman) he once thought he had. Warner Brothers hide caption

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En Pointe: Nurse-trainee Samuel (Gilles Lellouche) is on the run for much of Point Blank, which finds him outmaneuvering (and eventually succumbing to) bad guys as a consequence of saving a mysterious man's life. Magnolia Pictures hide caption

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Ice Cube's first-ever acting role was as troublemaker Doughboy in Boyz N The Hood. Bob Mondello says the film portrayed a side of L.A. that mainstream Hollywood was too afraid to show. Sony Pictures hide caption

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