A Mother's Love: Jessica Chastain plays Mrs. O'Brien, mother of R.L.(Laramie Eppler, left), Jack (Hunter McCracken, right) and Steve (not pictured), and a character who filmmaker Terrence Malick portrays as the very embodiment of grace. Merie Wallace/Twentieth Century Fox hide caption

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Princess Of 'Tides': Penelope Cruz (right, wearing less eyeliner) joins Johnny Depp for a fourth Pirates of the Caribbean adventure. Peter Mountain/Buena Vista Pictures hide caption

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Kristen Wiig (left) breaks the tired mold of summer wedding comedies with Bridesmaids, where her character grapples with a rival (Rose Bryne) without the genre's typically inconceivable levels of earnestness. Suzanne Hanover/Universal Pictures hide caption

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He Did In Fact Start The Fire: Hesher doesn't give him much of a springboard, but Joseph Gordon-Levitt still draws an intriguing portrait of a sociopathic headbanger who bonds with a grieving middle-schooler. Merrick Morton/Wrekin Hill hide caption

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Comic relief: Chris Hemsworth fits the strapping, swaggering, hammer-toting bill as a god who's a little clueless when it comes to fitting in on Earth. Paramount Pictures/Marvel Studios hide caption

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The Secret Lives Of Mothers: After the death of the widowed Nawal Marwan (Lubna Azabal), her adult children slowly discover the bitterness of her childhood in a country plagued by endless cycles of violence. Sony Pictures Classics hide caption

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Dream Weaver: In Inception, Joseph Gordon-Levitt (center) plays a point man in an elaborate and illicit scheme to plant an idea in the mind of a businessman while he sleeps. Stephen Vaughan/Warner Bros. hide caption

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Spencer Tracy (left) and Katharine Hepburn first appeared alongside one another in 1942's Woman Of The Year, setting off an on-screen relationship that lasted almost three decades. Hulton Archive/Getty Images hide caption

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Dudley Moore as Arthur Bach in the 1981 version of Arthur. Warner Bros./Getty Images hide caption

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Ethel Merman (right) and Frank Sinatra's lack of chemistry added to the unintentional comedy in their 1954 live, televised performance of Anything Goes. ABC/Photofest hide caption

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Upstairs, Downstairs faced production snafus before it premiered in 1971, but quickly rebounded to become one of British television's most beloved drama series. A revised version of the show will debut Apr. 10 on PBS. ITV Studios Limited hide caption

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