Stock prices fluctuated wildly this week after a sharp plunge on Monday — but what does that sound like? Andrew Burton/Getty Images hide caption

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Author Alex Gino hopes George will help transgender kids feel less alone. Blake C. Aarens hide caption

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Bren Herrera's vegetable broth comes in two varieties. You can either stop at the broth, or take it one step further by pureeing the used, cooked vegetables and mixing them in. Courtesy of Bren Herrera hide caption

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Rontherin Ratliff's Things that Float sculpture contains photographs he rescued from his grandmother's drowned house. Courtesy of Rontherin Ratliff hide caption

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The Ogden Museum of Southern Art's "The Rising" exhibition includes portraits (by photographer Jonathan Traviesa) of the day laborers who helped rebuild New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Jonathan Traviesa/Courtesy of the Ogden Museum of Southern Art hide caption

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The Tulane City Center helped design and build New Orleans' Grow Dat Youth Farm, which employs local, disadvantaged high school students and teaches them about urban agriculture. Will Crocker/Courtesy of Tulane University hide caption

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Visual effects supervisor Jake Morrison wanted Ant-Man's titular insects to be both accurate and relatable. Marvel hide caption

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This photo from Discovery Channel shows a great hammerhead, one of the largest sharks in the world, during an episode of Shark Week. Discovery Channel/ AP hide caption

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Anna Akana, a bespectacled, 25-year-old comedian who writes, directs and stars in skits about everything from personal stories, to friendship and even dealing with anxiety, says she is sort of over YouTube. Anna Akana/Screenshot via YouTube hide caption

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The Brink imagines how the White House situation room —€” and the U.S. secretary of state, played by Tim Robbins —€” respond when Pakistan is taken over by a certifiably crazy general. Merie W. Wallace/HBO hide caption

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Joy (left, voiced by Amy Poehler) and Sadness (voiced by Phyllis Smith) catch a ride on the Train of Thought in Pixar's Inside Out. The movie opens in theaters nationwide June 19. Disney/Pixar hide caption

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Andersson's new film, A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence, consists of a series of absurdist episodes. It opens with a man (Per Bergqvist) wandering a museum, looking at exhibits of stuffed birds. Courtesy of Magnolia Pictures hide caption

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