The 1978 Ford Pinto is shown in this company handout photo. This subcompact became a hot seller for Ford after its introduction in 1970. The Pinto's 10-year run was marred by litigation over the car's fuel tank design. Twenty-seven people died during the 1970s in fuel tank fires in the Pinto, which Ford eventually recalled. AP hide caption

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The National Guard constructed a 2-mile temporary levee around the ALON USA refinery in Krotz Springs, La., and a neighborhood on the south side of town. Jeff Brady/NPR hide caption

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Nicholas Gibbons, a single amputee with the British Royal Marines team, takes off from the blocks during practice Feb. 21 in Camp Pendleton, Calif., for the inaugural Marine Corps Trials. Fifty athletes were chosen as members of the All-Marine team for the Warrior Games. Michael Goulding/AP hide caption

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Steve "G-Man" Fowler — a real-life police detective and "good guy" in both Zoot Shooters capers and cowboy action shooting competitions — poses with his Tommy gun. Darcy Varney for NPR hide caption

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A gas station with fuel prices in the $4 range in Los Angeles on April 11. With the price of gas above $3.50 a gallon in all but one state, there are signs that Americans are cutting back on driving, reversing a steady increase in demand for fuel as the economy improves. Reed Saxon/AP hide caption

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The ShopGirls, from Granite Falls High School in Granite Falls, Wash., prepare their car for the annual Shell Eco-marathon on Saturday at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston. Jeff Brady/NPR hide caption

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In this photo provided by passenger Brenda Reese, an unidentified passenger takes photos with a cell phone of a hole in the cabin on a Southwest Airlines aircraft. Brenda Reese/AP hide caption

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In some parts of the country, like San Diego (above), gas prices are above $4 a gallon. Some Republicans are trying to tie those higher prices at the pump to President Obama's energy policies. Gregory Bull/AP hide caption

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Huge tanks help house the oil surplus in Cushing, Okla. Each tank holds more than 250,000 barrels of oil. Jeff Brady/NPR hide caption

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Spent nuclear fuel rods are stored in pools of water at Japan's Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant. The water keeps the rods cool while protecting the environment from their radiation. Jiji Press/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Drivers in the middle of the country have gotten a break on gas prices because of bargain-priced oil coming in from Canada. Monika Wisniewska/ hide caption

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A cargo ship transits the Suez Canal en route from the Mediterranean Sea to the Gulf of Suez at the city of Suez, Egypt, on Wednesday. Emilio Morenatti/AP hide caption

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