Julie Harms is questioned by a plainclothes policeman outside the Zhongnanhai compound after she attempts to deliver a letter to China's top leaders, who resides inside Zhongnanhai in Beijing. The American woman is seeking justice from the central government for her fiance, who she says was unjustly charged with a crime. Ng Han Guan/AP hide caption

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A woman whose son has HIV cries during an AIDS awareness event Tuesday, World AIDS Day, held at Beijing's south railway station. A new report by UNAIDS says 42 percent of AIDS sufferers in China have experienced discrimination because of their condition. Andy Wong/AP hide caption

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Professional mimic Cheng Jiaqiang, shown here in his Beijing apartment, learned his skills from his grandfather. The calligraphy on the wall behind Cheng refers to his signature act: Cheng imitates a bird imitating a musician imitating a bird. Anthony Kuhn/NPR hide caption

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Looking upstream on the Three Gorges Reservoir in China. Anthony Kuhn/NPR hide caption

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The Zhoushan oil reserve in China's Zhejiang province. China started to build its national oil reserves as early as 2003 to offset oil supply risks and reduce the impact of fluctuating energy prices. Eugene Hoshiko/AP hide caption

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Defendants face sentencing for a variety of charges linked to organized crime, including murder and extortion, during a trial in southwest China's Chongqing municipality on Oct. 21. The government's largest anti-organized crime prosecution in a half-century is currently under way. Already, six people have been sentenced to death. AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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