Saoirse Ronan plays Eleanor, an ancient (and uncharacteristically ethical) vampire in Neil Jordan's Byzantium. IFC Films hide caption

itoggle caption IFC Films

Fran Kranz stars as Claudio in Joss Whedon's new take on Shakespeare's classic comedy Much Ado About Nothing. Elsa Guillet-Chapuis/Roadside Attractions hide caption

itoggle caption Elsa Guillet-Chapuis/Roadside Attractions

In The East, Ellen Page (left) and Alexander Skarsgard play members of an anarchist eco-terrorist collective. Fox Searchlight hide caption

itoggle caption Fox Searchlight

Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy reprise their roles as Jesse and Celine in Before Midnight, the latest in Richard Linklater's series about a couple's relationship over the years. Despina Spyrou/Sony Pictures Classics hide caption

itoggle caption Despina Spyrou/Sony Pictures Classics

Zoe Saldana is Uhura and Zachary Quinto is Spock in the new J.J. Abrams-directed Star Trek: Into Darkness, the 12th installment in the franchise. Zade Rosenthal/Paramount Pictures hide caption

itoggle caption Zade Rosenthal/Paramount Pictures

Leonard DiCaprio as Gatsby and Carrey Mulligan as Daisy star in Baz Luhrmann's new interpretation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's 1925 novel, The Great Gatsby. Warner Bros. Pictures hide caption

itoggle caption Warner Bros. Pictures

In Iron Man 3, Robert Downey Jr. reprises his role as Tony Stark (aka Iron Man), and Gwyneth Paltrow reprises hers as his girlfriend, Pepper Potts. Paramout Pictures hide caption

itoggle caption Paramout Pictures

In Ramin Bahrani's At Any Price, Zac Efron stars as a teen rebelling against his family and dreaming of becoming a professional race car driver. Sound like a generic summer pic? Critic David Edelstein says the film has "a hell of a sting in its tail." Hooman Bahrani/Sony Pictures Classics hide caption

itoggle caption Hooman Bahrani/Sony Pictures Classics

Olga Kurylenko and Ben Affleck play two lovers in Terence Malick's latest film, To The Wonder. Mary Cybulski/Courtesy Magnolia Pictures hide caption

itoggle caption Mary Cybulski/Courtesy Magnolia Pictures

Shaz (Toni Collette), a hotheaded stranger new to the Australian town of Dolphin Heads, becomes the unlikely answer to a local politician's problems when she steps in to nanny his children. Dada Films hide caption

itoggle caption Dada Films

Aaron Eckhart and Ashley Judd as the president and first lady in Olympus Has Fallen. Phil Caruso/Millennium Films hide caption

itoggle caption Phil Caruso/Millennium Films

Ginger & Rosa (starring Alice Englert and Elle Fanning) was directed by Sally Potter, who is perhaps best known for her 1992 film Orlando. Sally Potter hide caption

itoggle caption Sally Potter

James Franco stars as the Wizard of Oz before the Wizard meets Dorothy in Oz the Great and Powerful. Walt Disney Pictures hide caption

itoggle caption Walt Disney Pictures

Nicole Kidman (left) and Mia Wasikowska star as Evelyn and India Stoker in Park Chan-wook's new thriller. Macall Polay/Fox Searchlight Pictures hide caption

itoggle caption Macall Polay/Fox Searchlight Pictures