Fans of the royal family take photographs as they wait for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in London. Oli Scarff/Getty Images hide caption

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Anatoly Kotlyar (left), 59, and Alexander Zenchenko, 58, are two of the thousands of "liquidators," or firefighters, who responded to the 1986 Chernobyl disaster. The Soviet government ordered them to the nuclear facility as first responders. Both men today complain of health problems and say Ukraine's government should be doing more to help with medical bills. David Greene/NPR hide caption

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Libyan women hold pictures of leader Moammar Gadhafi in Tripoli earlier this month during a protest against the U.N. resolution authorizing a no-fly zone. The government, says NPR's David Greene, wants Tripoli to seem like a place full of people who revere Gadhafi. There are signs, however, that Gadhafi's grip on the capital could be loosening. Mahmud Turkia/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Men in Tripoli join in the part-protest, part-funeral for civilians said to have died during recent airstrikes in Libya. They gathered at a place along Libya's Mediterranean coast known as a cemetery for martyrs. Jim Wildman/NPR hide caption

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