Mary Glendinning

NPR Librarian

Mary Glendinning is a reference librarian at NPR. Along with her colleagues, she provides a variety of reference and research services to all of NPR's divisions — from one-word answers to extensive background research. In addition to fact-checking, tracking down experts, and helping with pronunciation questions, she maintains the NPR library Intranet with a wealth of external electronic databases and online resources.

Before joining NPR in 2004, Glendinning worked as a librarian at the Freedom Forum and Newseum, ABC News, LexisNexis, and the Association of American Medical Colleges. Prior to attending library school, she served as a VISTA volunteer and worked for a Baltimore adult literacy program.

Glendinning received her bachelor's degree from The Johns Hopkins University. Under the mistaken impression that a master's degree in library science was a ticket to lifelong amnesty from overdue library fines, she earned her MLS from the University of Pittsburgh.

When she's not at work, Mary plays defense on her recreational soccer team and attempts to keep both the ball and herself out of the goal.

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