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Tracy Wahl 2010
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Tracy Wahl

Executive Producer, Morning Edition

Tracy Wahl is the Executive Producer at Morning Edition. In that role she is responsible for setting the daily and long-term editorial strategies for NPR's most widely heard program. Morning Edition reaches over 13 million listeners a week on over 730 public radio stations.

Since joining NPR in 1997, Wahl has produced a wide range of radio and multimedia pieces from across the U.S. and around the world. Highlights of her tenure include producing coverage from the Gulf Coast during Hurricane Katrina, reports from north of the Arctic Circle, and coverage from Karachi, Pakistan.

Wahl has championed the use of innovative, multi-platform storytelling in NPR's coverage. She was instrumental in Morning Edition's first steps into social media and has been a constant advocate for a powerful digital strategy for the program.

Wahl worked at Weekend All Things Considered for a decade where she produced pieces on topics including the dangers of antibacterial soap with NPR correspondent Daniel Zwerdling, a profile of President Jimmy Carter at his home in Georgia, and reports from the road with then-WATC host Debbie Elliott.

She joined Morning Edition in 2008, as Supervising Producer. Most recently she served as Acting Executive Producer.

She came to NPR from Madison, Wisconsin, where she was pursuing a Ph.D. program in political science where she focused on Comparative Politics and Political Theory.

She was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and spent much of her childhood in Colorado where her family goes back many generations.

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