Sharon Adams, 40, plays a bell tree during a recent rehearsal of the interPLAY orchestra, which is made up of 60 adults with and without disabilities. Adams struggles with a learning disability and can read "a little." She has been a member of interPLAY for 15 years. Becky Lettenberger/NPR hide caption

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Over the years, Thanksgiving has become a time for merchants -- think Macy's flashy parade -- to sell everything. "This modern version of Thanksgiving would horrify the devout Pilgrims and Puritans who sailed to America in the 17th century," historian Eve Laplante wrote in 2007. Charles Sykes/ AP hide caption

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A voter walks away from a booth after marking his ballot at a Manhattan polling place on Tuesday. Mario Tama/Getty Images hide caption

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Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, R-Mich., rocks out on Facebook. hide caption

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Democratic incumbents are in conservative voters' sights, as the buttons, stickers and T-shirts for sale at a Republican rally in Anaheim, Calif., earlier this month show. Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images hide caption

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Like the look of that celebrity in distress? In-image advertisers hope you will.;; hide caption

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Of course, being "against" the current lawmakers in Congress isn't necessarily a negative thing for many people. Brendan Smialowski/Getty hide caption

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Charlotte Ross Russell used to be an enthusiastic voter. But she feels partly responsible "for the mess we seem to be in" and will let others cast their ballots this year. Courtesy of Charlotte Ross Russell hide caption

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An AIDS activist shouts slogans during a protest in New York City on May 13. The president was at a fundraiser in the city and activists were protesting his administration's policies on AIDS funding. Chris Hondros/Getty Images hide caption

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Jan and Linton Weeks with their sons Holt (second from right) and Stone (left) who both were killed in a car crash a year ago. Courtesy of Linton Weeks hide caption

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