Home Depot is hiring 80,000 employees for its spring season. As the housing market picks up, other industry sectors — like gardening, construction and furniture — move upward, too. Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Bove gets text alerts of new homes coming on the market. Lauren Rock for NPR hide caption

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Workers and labor organizers in New York City protest the alleged exploitation of students on J-1 summer work travel visas who worked at a Pennsylvania McDonald's, on Thursday. Jess Jiang/NPR hide caption

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Christian Cerria has helped Mid-Atlantic Builders shrink the number of workers needed on a work site. The firm uses smartphones and tablets to fix designs and send them back to the office without shuttling workers back and forth. Marie McGrory/NPR hide caption

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Peggy Renzi (middle) talks with her teammates Erika Hersey (left) and Erica Webster. The three are part of a team of nurses in the Bowie Health Center emergency room in Bowie, Md., who are working together to lose weight. Gabriella Demczuk /NPR hide caption

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