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If you like your public radio serious and sober, this might not be the show for you. Not that The Colin McEnroe Show crew doesn't tackle weighty topics, but they also have a fondness for screwy explorations of culture, They might do a whole show on competitive eating or what it means to keep a stuffed animal into adulthood. They might fill the studio with accordion players. Luminaries as diverse as man-on-wire Philippe Petit, Sir Tom Stoppard, Erica Jong and ex-Monkee Peter Tork show up for full-show studio interviews. Whatever they do on Tuesday, count on Wednesday to be a complete departure from that.More from The Colin McEnroe Show »

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Why Coincidences Occur: The Psychology and Mathematics Behind Rare Events

Listen live on Wednesday, November 4th at 1:00 p.m.

Coincidences happen to everyone-- whether it's hearing a song you've been thinking about all day on the radio  or running into an old acquaintance who's name recently came up in conversation. For events so seemingly unlikely, coincidences certainly have a way of happening quite often. And now, after much study, psychologists and mathematicians think they know why.

Protest Music: Then and Now

Listen at 1pm on Tuesday, November 3rd.

Music can be a powerful, transformative tool in the quest for social change. Protest songs are the songs associated with a particular movement.

Earlier this month, Janelle Monáe and Wondaland produced the searing protest song "Hell You Talmbout." Nearly seven minutes long, it's a tribute to a long list of black men and women lost, and has been performed alongside protesters at Black Lives Matter rallies.

Storytelling With Matthew Dicks

Listen live on Monday at 1:00 pm.

Caroline Jacobs is a grown woman with children of her own. But by all accounts, she's a wimp. She would prefer to suffer in silence than stand up for herself or anyone else -- until she couldn't stand it anymore.  

One night, while at a public meeting and in a crowded room, she stood up, pointed her finger at the one she loathed, and shouted "F%$# You" to her nemesis. With that one phrase, she was ready to face her past. 

The World According to Atlas Obscura

Tune in Friday, October 30th, at 1pm.

Atlas Obscura bills itself as a "friendly tour-guide to the world's most wondrous places" -- a number of which can be found right here in Connecticut. 

The Other Connecticut: The Southeastern Region

Connecticut might mean clapboard homes, leafy suburbs, and town centers that show off their roots to our colonial past. Unless you're thinking of southeastern Connecticut.

The southeastern part of our state conjures images of casinos, submarines, and a blue-collar vibe that's just a little different from the rest of the state.

As Another World Series Starts, How is Baseball Changing?

Tonight the Kansas City Royals and the New York Mets face off in game one of the 2015 World Series. A lot has changed in the 29 years since either of these clubs won the Series: a tenfold increase in the average player's salary, the commercialization of fantasy baseball, and four new expansion teams. And 'America's pastime,' has become increasingly multi-cultural with players coming from around the world.

Sloane Crosley Pays Homage to Guy de Maupassant

We had a great show planned for you today with two great authors talking about their latest projects. If you listened to our promo and looked at our webpage earlier today, you would have noted that Colum McCann was supposed to follow Sloane Crosley on this afternoon's show. That didn't happen due to an unforeseen emergency. We'll talk to him next week. The funny part is that in the end, we still ended up with two great authors, just not the two you expected. 

The Nose Is Making a Trailer For Today's Show

This week, movie trailers lost their way when someone advocated boycotting Star Wars VII because they believe the trailer advocated white genocide. Why? Because a black man, a woman and a Latino were prominently featured in the trailer to the detriment of you guessed it, white men. What does this say about the level of diversity in science fiction fans?

They Want To Suck Your Blood

Listen live on Thursday at 1:00 pm.

Humans are used to being the predator, not the prey. But when it comes to our relationship with bed bugs - well, these little critters have been making a meal of us for thousands of years.

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