WFIU: A Moment of Science

WFIU: A Moment of Science


A Moment of Science is a daily audio podcast, public radio program and video series providing the scientific story behind some of life's most perplexing mysteries.More from WFIU: A Moment of Science »

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Say Cheese

Fake smiles and real smiles are controlled by two different parts of your brain.

Evolving Better Eyes

A small crustacean called Daphnia provides evidence that larger eye size yields a reproductive advantage.

How Clouds Float

Clouds weigh several tons but stay airy by distributing their weight over a large area.

Blow Dryer Flier

How does this ping pong ball float in mid-air? Bernoulli's Principle.


Bradycardia is a below average heart rate, slower than 60 beats per minute.

Ancient Roman Parasites

Ancient poop reveals that Romans suffered from intestinal parasites in spite of their sophisticated sanitation system.

Why Mountains Stop Growing

Scientists tackle this mystery: Why do mountains rise but never get any taller?

Irish Potato Famine Investigation

DNA detectives trace the bacteria that caused the Irish Potato Famine back to 16th century South America.


Though exaggerated in Hollywood creature features, anacondas are monstrous!

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