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All Sides with Ann Fisher is a two-hour, daily public-affairs talk show designed to touch upon all sides of the issues and events that shape life in central Ohio. Topics are driven by the top news stories of the day — local, regional, national and international — and the trends in what we read and what we like to eat, where we worship and play, and more.More from All Sides with Ann Fisher »

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Wellness Wednesday: Early Allergy Season, Wearable Tech Health Data, Differences in Winter Viruses

Those who suffer from seasonal allergies may have noticed allergy season coming earlier and lasting longer every year. This phenomenon could be attributed to climate change, and it will likely only get worse in the years to come. Today we'll discuss the affect of climate change on allergy season, how wearable tech could soon affect health insurance plans and more. Guests: Dr. Leonard Bielory , specialist in allergy and immunology, Rutgers Center of Environmental Prediction Dr. Andrew D. Boyd , Assistant Professor in the Department of Biomedical and Health Information Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago Dr. Mysheika Roberts , Medical Director and Assistant Health Commissioner, Columbus Public Health

Wellness Wednesday: Early Allergy Season, Wearable Tech Health Data, Differences in Winter Viruses

Somali Refugee Integration in the U.S.

Columbus and Minneapolis have the largest Somali refugee populations in the United States. Both cities face different concerns when integrating refugees into their local population, and the both have taken different approaches to the integration challenge. Today we'll talk about what these cities may be able to learn from each other when settling refugees from Somalia. Stefanie Chambers , author, " Somalis in the Twin Cities and Columbus: Immigrant Incorporation in New Destinations " Jibril Mohamed , Executive Director, SomaliCAN , Somali language professor, Ohio State University Abdikhayr "Abdi" Soofe , New American Initiative Outreach Coordinator, City of Columbus Jaylani Hussein , Executive Director, Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations

Tech Tuesday: Past and Future of WiFi, Facebook Manifesto, Snapchat Spectacles

Mark Zuckerberg published a more than 6,000-word-long manifesto on Thursday outlining the goals he has for Facebook and how he sees the social media platform developing to serve its users in the future. The manifesto has been critiqued for being vague and long, but it gives an idea of how Zuckerberg sees his company contributing to the spread of globalization and shaping communities across the world. Today we'll discuss Zuckerberg's manifesto, the past and future of WiFi and more. Guests: Steven Levy, Editor, Backchannel Will Oremus, Senior Technology Writer, Slate Russell Holly, Contributing Editor, Android Central

Tech Tuesday: Past and Future of WiFi, Facebook Manifesto, Snapchat Spectacles

Tax Abatements

An Easton-area developer is set to receive a $68 million tax break for new construction. A small portion of that amount will funnel more money into the surrounding Linden neighborhood. Tax abatements such as these are often used to improve developing neighborhoods, but schools and residents may have to pay the price by paying more in property taxes and not receiving as many benefits. Join us today as we talk about the pros and cons of tax abatements with a panel of guests. Guests: Rick Rouan , reporter, The Columbus Dispatch Mark Partridge , Regional Urban Economist, Ohio State University Greg LeRoy , Executive Director, Good Jobs First Sean Hughes , economic development director, City of Delaware

Childing: Learning from the Young

Common wisdom suggests that children are to learn from adults, not the other way around. A new book challenges this belief and proposes the idea of childing - using the worldview children to foster development throughout adulthood. Today we'll discuss the idea of childing with the author of "The Philosophy of Childing: Unlocking Creativity, Curiosity, and Reason through the Wisdom of Our Youngest." Guest: Christopher Phillips, author, " The Philosophy of Childing: Unlocking Creativity, Curiosity, and Reason through the Wisdom of Our Youngest " Event: On Feb. 20 at 7 p.m. Christopher Phillips will be discussing the book and holding a dialogue at Barnes & Noble, 4005 Townsfair Way in Columbus

Weekly Reporter Roundtable

President Donald Trump held a 77-minute-long press conference on Thursday, defending himself and the job his transition team has done his first month in office. Today we'll discuss the biggest national and state political news with a panel of reporters. Guests: Jo Ingles , Reporter, Ohio Public Radio Statehouse News Bureau Marc Kovac , Statehouse Bureau Chief, Dix Newspaper Chain and The Youngstown Vindicator Jim Siegel , Statehouse Reporter, Columbus Dispatch

All Sides Weekend: Books

"I Am Not Your Negro" is a new documentary that turns the final 30 pages of James Baldwin's final unfinished manuscript into a film narrated by Samuel L. Jackson. Today we'll discuss this and other book news around Columbus with a panel of guests. Events: The new documentary, " I Am Not Your Negro ," is being shown at the Wexner Center for the Arts from Feb. 16-18 Guests: Kassie Rose, WOSU Book Critic, The Longest Chapter blog Mark Maxwell, Manager, Half Price Books David Filipi, Director of Film, Wexner Center for the Arts Books mentioned on the show: Montana 1948 by Larry Watson Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders Giovanni's Room by James Baldwin American Gods and Norse Mythology, both by Neil Gaiman V for Vendetta by Alan Moore The Plot Against America by Philip Roth Showa: A History of Japan Vol. 1 by Shigeru Mizuki Underground in Berlin by Marie Jalowicz Simon

Piper Kerman's Prison Reform Activism

Today at 10am. Author of "Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison" Piper Kerman has been an advocate for prison reform since she served time in a federal prison. Today we'll talk with Kerman about her work and prison reform both in Ohio and nationwide.

The Future of Mass Transit in Columbus

The Central Ohio Transit Authority began implementing its NextGen plan since 2015, aiming to determine the needs of Columbus residents and identify opportunities for growth through 2050. Now, COTA is heading into the final phase of this project and will soon begin implementing plans for updates to the transit system. Today we'll discuss what's in store for mass transit in Columbus with a panel of guests. The COTA NextGen survey is available here through the end of the month. Guests: Curtis Stitt, President and CEO, COTA Josh Lapp, City Planner and Vice-Chair, Transit Columbus Paul Lewis, VP of Policy, Eno Center for Transportation Event : COTA has been holding public hearings this week on its NextGen project. The next is Thursday, February 16 at the Worthington Municipal Building, 6550 N. High St., from 6:00-7:00 p.m.

Downward Mobility and Lancaster, Ohio

In Lancaster, Ohio, the glass-making factory Anchor Hocking was the source of economic prosperity for almost a century. When it was taken over by the Newall Corporation in 1987 that prosperity began to dwindle, and now the town's economy is struggling to stay afloat. Today we'll discuss how that acquisition and economic greed may have contributed to the struggles of those in Lancaster. Guests: Brian Alexander, author, " Glass House: The 1% Economy and the Shattering of the All-American Town " Steven Lopez, Professor of Sociology, Ohio State University

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