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All Sides with Ann Fisher is a two-hour, daily public-affairs talk show designed to touch upon all sides of the issues and events that shape life in central Ohio. Topics are driven by the top news stories of the day — local, regional, national and international — and the trends in what we read and what we like to eat, where we worship and play, and more.More from All Sides with Ann Fisher »

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Wellness Wednesday: Voxel Bay, Exercise Inclusion and Mental Health Rehab

Today at 11am An Ohio State computing design team, in partnership with Nationwide Children's Hospital, has created a virtual reality game to help kids with hemophilia. The game was created to distract children from their discomfort or pain. Join us today as we talk about the Voxel Bay and the role of virtual reality in health care.

Wellness Wednesday: Voxel Bay, Exercise Inclusion and Mental Health Rehab

The Return of the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has reconvened both divided and with a seat left to fill. Today we will discuss what a Clinton or Trump presidency could mean for the high court as well as the cases currently facing a decision.

Tech Tuesday

Between 1959 and 1989, the Soviet government and scientists struggled to build a nationwide computer network. Without any success, the venture fell apart before the end of the Union. Today we will discuss the failed Soviet attempt to create a network and what it could mean for the future of the internet. Plus we consider ethics in journalism when reporting leaked information.

Clowns and Why They Seem Creepy

A flood of "creepy" clown sightings across the nation has sparked an interest in these comic performers. Today we will discuss the recent events, the history of clowns, and how they've deviated from their silly origins.

The Power to Wage War

Congress and the Presidents have routinely conflicted over military power over the course of American history. This balance of power has shaped how we approach war since the United States was founded. Today we are joined by David Barron, United States Circuit Judge and author of "Waging War: The Clash Between Presidents and Congress, 1776 to ISIS".

Weekly Reporter Roundtable

The debates are over, both nationally and here in Ohio. Join us today as we discuss the presidential election, the race for the senate seat in Ohio and various other political issues.

Rick Steves' Practical Tips for Your Travel Adventures

Guidebook author and travel TV host Rick Steves is America's most respected authority on European travel. He's written several books, including his updated 2016 Rick Steves' Europe Through The Back Door: The Travel Skills Handbook for Independent Travelers. This hour, we're talking about travel tips, do's and dont's, and what to look out for when you're traveling abroad.

Cooking Soup with Betty Rosbottom

Fall has began and as the weather starts cooling, warm soups are becoming an option in the kitchen again. Join us today as we talk to cooking teacher, syndicated columnist, PBS host, and author, Betty Rosbottom to discuss her new soup cookbook.

Financial Advice with PBS's Jonathan Pond

The goal age to retire continues to fall somewhere between the ages of 60 to 65. However, personal savings rates have been on the decline for the past 30 years and achieving that ideal retirement age may be harder than expected. Today, we will hear and discuss useful financial planning advice and news with personal finance expert, Jonathan Pond.

The Vegetable Butcher

Sometimes the vegetables displayed at the local farmers market, or even the grocery store, can seem exotic and unfamiliar. Even the old standbys like broccoli can intimidate some if they're not regular cooks. This hour, we'll discuss how to feel confident preparing and cooking all sorts of vegetables.

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