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All Sides with Ann Fisher is a two-hour, daily public-affairs talk show designed to touch upon all sides of the issues and events that shape life in central Ohio. Topics are driven by the top news stories of the day — local, regional, national and international — and the trends in what we read and what we like to eat, where we worship and play, and more.More from All Sides with Ann Fisher »

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Columbus' Endangered Buildings

The Columbus Landmarks Foundation created a list of historic buildings in danger of being demolished or facing irreparable damage. The goal of this list is to make the community aware of the buildings and the historical significance they hold. Cooper Stadium, former home to the Columbus Clippers, is on the 2017 list, and the plan to convert it to an auto racing facility has been put on hold. Join us today as we take a look at the endangered buildings of Columbus.

Weekly Reporter Roundtable

A new bill was introduced that would reduce the penalties for carrying a concealed handgun in safe-zone areas. Currently, carrying a concealed weapon in certain areas, such as universities, police stations and school safety zones may result in a fine and possible jail time. The new bill would eliminate those penalties for citizens who have a concealed carry permit and bring their gun to a gun-free zone. Today we discuss this, Ohio's online harassment ban, the state's economy, worker's compensation and the latest in state and national news.

All Sides Weekend: Books

Join us today with guest host Christopher Purdy as he talks with a panel of guests about the latest in book news in the Columbus area.

David McCullough On The American Spirit

What is the American spirit during a period of polarization? Historian David McCullough characterizes the American spirit through a series of his own speeches given over the last 25 years in his new book, "The American Spirit: Who We Are and What We Stand For". Join us today as we discuss this and how American values have changed over time impacting what we consider the American identity.

Mentoring Children of Incarcerated Parents

Mentors can play a big part in the life of a youth, providing someone for them to look up to and maybe give them another perspective on life. Children of an incarcerated parent face a different set of challenges. And if both parents are incarcerated, the child could face the foster care system. A Columbus-based leadership group is working to raise funds to provide life-long mentors for children of incarcerated parents. Join us today as we talk about the value of mentoring children and teens.

Wellness Wednesday: C-Sections, Napping Pods

Every one in three babies born in the United States is delivered by Cesarean section. According to a Consumer Reports investigation, a mother's risk for having a C-section can largely depend on the hospital. Plus, high school students in New Mexico are being given the chance to nap at school to re-energize and increase their attentiveness. Join us today as we talk about C-sections, napping pods and how to cope with a serious diagnosis.

Rover Pipeline Spills in Ohio Wetlands

The construction of the Rover pipeline, originating in Western Kentucky, Southeastern Ohio and Southwestern Pennsylvania and spanning across Ohio to Michigan, was halted after spilling more than two million gallons of drilling fluid in the Ohio wetlands. The Rover pipeline is also under fire for refusing to pay $1.5 million to the State Historic Preservation Office in addition to being accused of 18 incidents of pollution violations reported in 11 counties in Ohio. Join us today as we discuss the company behind the construction of the Rover pipeline.

Tech Tuesday: Ransomware, Google in Schools

Ransomware, the world's largest cyber attack, has hit over 150 countries and is still spreading since it first hit Friday, May 12. According to, the attack caused issues for places, such as, National Health Service organizations in England, and then in China where a large number of college students were affected by Ransomware. Attempts to stop the cyber attack have prevented a large number of computers from becoming infected. Join us today as we discuss the impact of the Ransomware attack and how Google is influencing our schools.

Future of Housing in Central Ohio

Despite the bad rap that suburbs often get for being isolated and cookie-cutter, America remains a largely suburban nation. According to a new report, more than two-thirds of people in Columbus live in a suburb. Join us today as we discuss the future of housing and suburban development in central Ohio.

Community Conversations and The Big Table

In a civic engagement project called "The Big Table," community members in central Ohio are invited to talk about what could make the community stronger. Everyone is encouraged to share their opinions in hopes of fostering new relationships and coming to a better understanding of each other and what is most vital to the community. More than 5,000 residents are expected to participate, where there will be close to 500 conversations with groups of eight to twelve participants. Join us today as we discuss The Big Table and the challenges facing our region.

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