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All Sides with Ann Fisher is a two-hour, daily public-affairs talk show designed to touch upon all sides of the issues and events that shape life in central Ohio. Topics are driven by the top news stories of the day — local, regional, national and international — and the trends in what we read and what we like to eat, where we worship and play, and more.More from All Sides with Ann Fisher »

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Weekly Reporter Roundtable

The presidential race continues on. Trump apologizes, and shakes up his campaign staff once again. In Ohio, Kasich joins Portman in his quest for the Senate. Also, there's more change to come surrounding the new medical marijuana policies and funding for preschools will be reallocated.

Getting Kids Out In Nature

As technology spreads through every aspect of our lives, especially entertainment, it's become harder to pull children away from screens and get them outside. Getting children to go outside and explore nature, or play in the dirt can be a struggle with so much indoor distraction. Changing indoor habits of children may rely on the parents to push their kids, and explore with them in nearby parks or rivers.

Affordable Housing for Low-Income Residents in Columbus

The Columbus economy continues to grow, and with it many people are moving closer to the Downtown area. As a result there's been a lot of replacement of affordable housing for low-income families with newer, more expensive properties. A new report claims that very few low-income options are located in good neighborhoods leading to a divide between the residents.

Wellness Wednesday: Allergy Immunities, Food Addiction, Youth Strength Training

Recent studies have shown that those who live in Amish communities have greater allergy immunities than those who grew up in the modern world. This environment could expose young children to factors that help establish a stronger immune system. Since the early 20th century processed foods have entered the American diet. The added sugars, flours and artificial ingredients may lead to chemical changes in our brains, creating an addiction to certain foods. Strength training may be beneficial to young kids and expose them to a healthy routine from an early age.

Wellness Wednesday: Allergy Immunities, Food Addiction, Youth Strength Training

Harassment in the Workplace

With the 20th anniversary of Anita Hill testifying against Clarence Thomas and recent allegations of sexual harassment at Fox News, the topic of harassment in the workplace is back in the spotlight. A recent study conducted by the American Association of Advertising Agencies reveal that over 50% of woman in the field have reported having experienced sexual harassment on the job. Despite the changes that have taken place over the past few decades concerning woman in the workplace, it's clear that sexual harassment is still a prominent issue, one that needs to be discussed and acted upon.

Tech Tuesday: Archiving Viruses, Smart Home for Renters, and Tattoo Design, iPhone Photography

As our media becomes increasingly digital, librarians are learning new methods for preservation. Malware has become a part of digital consumption and some believe they should be saved alongside media. Smart home technology continues to improve life in the home. Renters must follow different steps to install these products in their homes. Also, we will take a look at various new technologies, from digital temporary tattoo design to cell phone photography.

Tech Tuesday: Archiving Viruses, Smart Home for Renters, and Tattoo Design, iPhone Photography

Food Waste in America

Despite the fact that Americans throw away nearly 80 billion pounds of food a year, most are unaware food waste is a enormous issue in the country. Food waste has it's hand in harming climate, water, land and biodiversity, which aids in the destruction of our natural resources. Education and strategy could help curb our populations wasteful habits.

Stress and Challenges Facing Caregivers

Nearly 83% of caregivers are unpaid family members. They devote much of their personal time to ensure their relatives receive the necessary amount of care. As a result, they can face a tremendous amount of stress and challenging decisions.

Weekly Reporter Roundtable

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have both released their economic plans for the country if elected to the White House. Clinton takes a slight lead in the Ohio Polls. Also, Ohio's Senate race become the most expensive in the nation; Portman takes a large lead. Further, ECOT fights back claiming the state violated student privacy in their attempt to audit the online school.

All Sides Weekend: The Arts

With summer in full swing the performing arts in Columbus has several shows lined up to celebrate. To highlight upcoming events we will be talking to individuals from CATCO, the Columbus Dance Theater as well as the ProMusica Chamber Orchestra.

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