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8/25: Why are teachers buying their own supplies?

Tomorrow on Crosscurrents: A look into how much teachers are spending out of pocket to make sure their classrooms are ready for the school year. A conversation with Joshua Raoul Brody. A Bay Area Beats with scat singer Lorin Benedict. The story behind this week's Audiograph mystery sound.

8/22: A day in the life of a Lake County fire first responder

Today on Crosscurrents: What the second big fire in a year means for residents of Lake County. A conversation with local folk, blues and jazz legend Barbara Dane. A remembrance of Bay Area vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson.

8/18: Ranks of San Jose LGBTQ gun club swell following Orlando shooting

Today on Crosscurrents: A look inside a local branch of a national LGBT gun rights organization. Trying to keep up with a Bay-Area based Olympian who plays one of the fastest sports in the world. We learn the story behind this week's Audiograph mystery sound.

8/17: Bayview gets its grocery store

Today on Crosscurrents: Why it's taken so long for San Francisco's Bayview district to get a full service grocery store. A choreographer from the district turns us on to aerial dance. A young Mariachi performer tells us where her music takes her. Tune in to 91.7 FM at 5:00 P.M.

8/15: How big companies shape San Francisco's ballot

Today on Crosscurrents: A look at how local campaign donations influence the way we vote. Voices from the first day of school in San Francisco. Dropping in on one of the nation's first LGTBQ studies class. A conversation with Oakland's newest youth poet laureate.

8/10: "The fear was in my bones"

An East Bay resident voices her personal essay on racial justice.This Ethiopian farmer brings his home flavors to the Bay Area.A tour inside San Francisco's Armory building.Bay Area students depart for Howard University.

8/9: Drought update

Two mothers express their struggle to talk with their sons about race and racism.California relaxes water conservation rules, but it doesn't mean the drought is over.The magic of locating underground water.

8/8: Snake Lady & Wildlife One

The first in a series of audio essays from Bay Area residents on racial injustice. What the closure of a recycling center in West Oakland means for the hundreds of people whose income relies on it. The very specialized job of keeping animals away from airplanes at SFO.

8/4: Sacred spaces

One architect's process of designing sacred spaces. An interview with a Hiroshima survivor whose Buddhist practice helps her deal with the past. The story behind this week's mystery sound.

8/3: Cane trainer

The first day of school is just around the corner—how will the San Francisco's school district cope with a shortage of teachers? We meet a woman who specializes in teaching blind people how to get around in the world.

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