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2/27: To shrink or strengthen rent control

Coming up today on Crosscurrents : Legal aid attorneys battle displacement in eviction court. Can we stem the need for legal aid by strengthening tenant protections at the state level? Two advocates debate the rent control law known as Costa Hawkins. Tune into 91.7 FM at 5:00 P.M. Audio will be uploaded after the show.

2/23: Derailing the Bay Area's transportation plans

The Trump administration is derailing the Bay Area's transportation plans. Laugh along with San Francisco stand-up comic Irene Tu . Discover the answer to this week's Audiograph clue .

2/22: The failed promise of the Internet

San Jose residents try to recover from the flood of the century A segment of the program On The Media considers why the information age has become the disinformation age

2/21: Transitioning gender under the Trump Administration

Coming up today on Crosscurrents: Transgender people in the Bay Area have been rushing to complete gender transitions in case the process becomes harder under President Trump. NPR host and international reporter Kelly McEvers on high-stakes reporting. "Thrillpeddlers" believe in the power of live theater to get you out of your comfort zone. Tune into 91.7 FM at 5:00 P.M.

2/16: The legacy of Japanese American incarceration camps

Today on Crosscurrents : Japanese American farmers who were incarcerated during World War Two and resisted. A Bay Area teacher reflects on her early childhood experience in an incarceration camp, and how it impacted her as an educator. T he story behind this week's Audiograph mystery sound

2/15: Will the water come?

Today on Crosscurrents : A original documentary looking at the lasting impact California's drought has had on the Central Valley, specifically in the tiny community of Okieville, California.

2/14: A love letter to the Portola neighborhood

Coming up today on Crosscurrents: A love letter to KALW's home neighborhood. We'll explore the name "Portola" and the neighborhood itself. From a book store turned playing card battleground, to a reading group for people with special needs. Tune into 91.7 FM at 5:00 P.M. Audio will be uploaded after the show.

2/13: High-speed rail in California

Step inside Fresno's high-speed rail construction site . Why some farmers oppose to the massive infrastructure project. Some mega-commuters may not reap the benefits of California bullet train. The bullet train's halting journey into downtown San Francisco.

2/1: Are President Trump's executive orders legal?

A conversation with an ACLU attorney about President Trump's immigration ban. T hree San Francisco students reflect on the Women's March on Washington. A n Iranian-American composer whose music bridges cultural divides.

1/30: Bay Area responds to Trump's immigration ban

Bay Area Muslims respond to President Trump's executive order limiting immigration. A new edition of Bay Area Beats with the band Bang Data. Squatting in the " ghost town " of San Francisco's Presidio. Today's local music is the Screaming Bloody Marys .

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