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5/18: Oakland's newest police chief

Today on Crosscurrents : Why Alameda County wants its emergency response team to reflect the people it serves Oakland's new police chief shares her leadership strategy What it sounds like to be a Warriors fan

5/17: Could San Francisco become the best place to pump breastmilk at work?

Today on Crosscurrents : A new proposed San Francisco ordinance could make a big difference for breastfeeding mothers at work H ow political consciousness about Asian American identity informed Francis Wong's music A peek inside the "Tomb Treasures" exhibit currently at San Francisco's Asian Art Museum

5/17: Could San Francisco become the best place to pump breastmilk at work?

5/16: San Francisco's Portola neighborhood

The Portola neighborhood's history through a mural . How the neighborhood became an enclave for Maltese immigrants . A Portola nursing home has persisted through the power of protest for 130 years.

5/11: Why are Bay Area roads so bad?

How the Bay Area won the title for the worst roads in the country . A concert series connects local musicians across genres. Why volunteers at San Quentin State Prison do what they do. A salon that deals specifically with lice . The drought is over — why is San Francisco's Vaillancourt Fountain dry?

5/10: Making a home in the Bay Area

Today on Crosscurrents : How one Oakland middle school opened up its doors to take in recently immigrated high schoolers How unaccompanied minors find stable places to live—often by dropping out of school to work What it's like to be an undocumented day laborer in Trump's America An interview with Bay Area coordinator Devonte Jackson, from the Black Alliance for Just Immigration

5/9: Hey Bay Area

How much money does the Bay Area spend on corporate tax breaks ? What are the colorful squares of land along the South Bay's coastline? Why is Redwood City's slogan " Climate Best by Government Test "? Did dirigibles dock on top of Oakland's Tribune Tower? Former San Francisco Chronicle comic illustrator Paul Madonna grapples with a changing city.

5/8: Faith, conversion and forgiveness

Muslim converts wrestle with isolation and seek support. Abused by a Catholic priest, one man turned back to faith for forgiveness. The science of forgiveness .

5/4: Dispatches from the Bay Area's thriving art scene

Hip hop veteran Tahajiye Edwards on whether a musical genre ages with the people who make it. A conversation with playwrights Donte Clark and DeAndre Evans about their new play " Richmond Renaissance ," which looks to Richmond's future by celebrating its past.

5/3: What do you mean I sound white?

Oakland poet and playwright Chinaka Hodge on the power of voice . The new Ethiopian jazz sound of Meklit Hadero's latest album.

5/2: Living life with disability

Leading outdoor adventures for folks with physical disabilities. A San Francisco author's surf toward enlightenment .

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