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9/20: Music as palliative care

Today on Crosscurrents : The bills that the California Assembly passed to protect immigrants — and the one that didn't. What SF Music Day means to local performer Destiny Muhammad. How music brings comfort and healing to people nearing the end of life.

9/19: Kaepernick

Today on Crosscurrents : An updated broadcast of the KALW original radio documentary "Kaepernick"

9/18: A sneak preview of The Intersection

Today on Crosscurrents: A new season of David Boyer's celebrated series The Intersection , exploring a corner smack in the middle of Google's headquarters in Mountain View.

9/14: Reconsidering the sex offender registry in California

Today on Crosscurrents: The debate about sex offender registries, redemption and public safety. A story from our colleagues inside San Quentin State Prison to hear what it's like to be on lockdown. A conversation with Aeeshah Clottey about racial healing.

9/13: Homeless students in Oakland on the rise

Today on Crosscurrents : A mother and son who lost their housing in Oakland — and what that means for his education. A conversation about how white people can truly be allies to people of color. Revolutionary poet Tongo Eisen-Martin keeps San Francisco's literary fires burning with the release of his new book.

9/12: The After School Satan Club

Today on Crosscurrents : A group that has made Satan the good guy in a fight to keep the separation of church and public schools. Hastings Law Professor Joan Williams discusses white working class and identity politics. The art of sound healing.

9/11: What to do when you witness harassment

Today on Crosscurrents : Sitting in on a bystander intervention class. A conversation with AC Thompson, a reporter with ProPublica's ' Documenting Hate ' project. San Francisco's secret weapon for disaster response: old Muni buses. A story from our partners at San Quentin Radio about a man's unusual relationship with nature.

9/7: Unearthing the Green Revolution

Today on Crosscurrents : How massive chemical companies impacted farming in India, leading to large scale migration to California. A conversation with food activist and chef Bryant Terry. Musician Thao Nguyen talks about a new documentary that captures her first ever trip to Vietnam. Answering your questions about Glen Canyon.

9/6: Backlash targets San Jose's 'tiny home' plan to house the homeless

Today on Crosscurrents : San Jose residents speak out against a proposal to build "tiny homes" for the homeless . Exploring the roots of agribusiness in Punjab, India, and the Central Valley.

9/5: From Punjab to the Central Valley

Today on Crosscurrents : A conversation with Sally Kinoshita, deputy director of the Immigrant Legal Resource Center about the Trump administration's decision to phase out DACA. How a community of Punjabi farmers ended up in California.

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