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City Visions: What You Need to Know About Legalizing Marijuana

August 29, 2016: With our panel of experts, City Visions Host Ethan Elkind explores the pros and cons of legalizing the recreational use of marijuana in California. Prop 64 is on the ballot this November and California voters will need to decide. What can we learn from Washington, Alaska, Oregon and Colorado? Who will reap the benefits of legalization? What are the downsides? Guests: Andrew Acosta, spokesperson for the No on 64 Campaign, also Founder and President of Acosta Consulting with over 20 years of experience in issue advocacy, campaign management, and public relations. Jason Kinney, spokesperson for the Yes on 64 Campaign, also Principal of California Strategies, LLC. Kinney was named to Capitol Weekly's Top 100 "Most Powerful Political Players in California" and was lead strategist for the Gavin Newsom for Lieutenant Governor Campaign. Patrick Murphy, Director of Research and Senior Fellow at the Public Policy Institute of California and co-author of the PPIC's April 2016

City Visions: Steve Silberman's 'NeuroTribes'- Exploring the History of Autism

August 22, 2016: Award-winning science journalist and New York Times bestselling author Steve Silberman discusses his book NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity.

City Visions: Steve Silberman's 'NeuroTribes'- Exploring the History of Autism

City Visions: Governor bets on earthquake early warning systems

On the August 15, 2016 City Visions: In May, a leading earthquake scientist reported that the southern San Andreas fault is "locked, loaded, and ready to roll."

City Visions: Women and Black Lives Matter- Leading or Left Behind?

August 1st, 2016: Recent police shootings of Black men have sparked outrage and a national movement against police brutality. Despite women playing a dominant role in the leadership of Black Lives Matter, police violence against Black women has largely been ignored.

City Visions: Oakland PD Reels from Sex Scandal, Racial Bias Claims

The Oakland Police Department remains in upheaval following reports that at least 14 officers sexually exploited a minor and the sudden resignation of three department chiefs in June. City Visions host Joseph Pace and guests discuss the cultural issues underlying the scandal and what's next for the department. Guests: -John Burris, lead partner, John L. Burris Law Offices; specializes in civil rights and police misconduct cases -Jack Glaser, professor, Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley. His latest book is "Suspect Race: Causes and Consequences of Racial Profiling." -Dan Lindheim, former Oakland City Administrator, 2008-2011; lecturer at Goldman School of Public Policy

City Visions: The complications of being gay and Muslim

June 27, 2016: The mass shooting in Orlando has raised uncomfortable questions about Islam and homophobia. We look at what it's like to be Muslim and gay.

City Visions: Mayor Lee's proposed budget is huge, but will it solve problems?

On June 20, 2016: San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee has proposed a budget for the new fiscal year, which starts on July 1. At a staggering $9.6 billion, it is equal to that of the entire state of Arizona and $2 billion more than the annual budget of Afghanistan.

City Visions: Mayor Lee's proposed budget is huge, but will it solve problems?

City Visions: Special Presidential Primary Coverage

June 6, 2016: Hundreds of thousands of people have registered to vote in California's Presidential primary on Tuesday, June 7. Will voters turn out? What impact could California have on the Presidential race? What effect will new voters have on state and local races and other measures on the ballot? City Visions host Ethan Elkind and guests cover California's Presidential Primary Election. Guests: Mark DiCamillo, Director of The Field Poll Jason McDaniel, Assistant Professor of Political Science at San Francisco State University. Produced by: Anne Harper

City Visions: Citing Moral Crisis, Prison Reformers Seek to Cut Inmate Population by Half

What will it take to reduce the country's prison population — now numbering 2.3 million? Monday on City Visions host Joseph Pace and guests discuss the bipartisan #cut50 initiative, which aims to shrink the number of Americans behind bars by 50% in 10 years. We'll also look at the progress California has made under realignment and Prop 47 in keeping its inmate population down, and what more needs to be done. Matt Haney, Director of Policy, #cut50, a bipartisan effort to reduce America's incarcerated population by 50 percent by 2025. Hadar Aviram, Professor of Law, UC Hastings. Her latest book is "Cheap on Crime: Recession-Era Politics and the Transformation of American Punishment." Chesa Boudin, Deputy Public Defender, San Francisco Public Defender's Office

City Visions: Citing Moral Crisis, Prison Reformers Seek to Cut Inmate Population by Half

City Visions: How to Raise an Adult

Host Joseph Pace interviews Julie Lythcott-Haims about her new book, How to Raise an Adult. As the Stanford University Dean of Freshmen, Julie spent over a decade encountering helicopter parents and an alarming number of students who were poorly equipped to handle the demands of adult life. How do we ensure that the next generation can take charge of their own lives? Guest: Julie Lythcott-Haims, author of How to Raise an Adult Produced by: Anne Harper

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