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The Vermont Garden Journal is hosted by horticulturalist Charlie Nardozzi and focuses on a topic that's relevant to both new and experienced gardeners, including pruning lilac bushes, growing blight-free tomatoes, groundcovers, sunflowers, bulbs, pests and more.More from Vermont Garden Journal »

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Vermont Garden Journal: Overwintering Bulbs

With our warm, dry summer and fall, the subtropical bulbs have been putting on a show. Canna lilies, dahlias, gladiolus, Four-O-Clocks and other tender bulbs have been growing strong. But with the first frosts of the season rolling through the area, it's time to dig and store them.

Vermont Garden Journal: How To Grow Shallots At Home

There aren't many vegetables where you're eating the same varieties that were cultivated thousands of years ago but that is a the case with shallots.

Vermont Garden Journal: The Jack-O-Plantern

It was my daughter, Elena, living in Canada who turned me on to Jack-O-Planterns. Instead of just having the spooky glow of a candle or lights inside your jack-o-lantern, you have plants sprouting from the head!

Vermont Garden Journal: Fall Vines Provide Color, Too

The fall colors are starting on native trees and shrubs turning our forests ablaze. Vines also can provide fall interest beyond their colorful leaves. Many are familiar with the bright red colors of Virginia creeper and Boston ivy this time of year, but two other fall vines give color in a different way.

Vermont Garden Journal: Dutch And Species Iris

We know the taller and later blooming cousin of this spring-flowering bulb, which is native to drier regions of Iran, Iraq and Turkey. The bulb iris, however, grow a little bit differently.

Vermont Garden Journal: Growing Horseradish

The horseradish is a vegetable that dates back to ancient Greece where it was used medicinally for back pain and as an aphrodisiac.

Vermont Garden Journal: The Universal Recycling And Composting Law

Vermont's Act 148, the Universal Recycling & Composting Law, is having a big impact on how Vermonters deal with their waste. This law has been phasing in mandatory recycling and composting for businesses and residences since 2014. By 2020, food scraps and organic waste will be banned from the landfill.

Vermont Garden Journal: Controlling Chipmunks And Squirrels

Chip and Dale and the Alvin And The Chipmunks may be the warm, fuzzy versions of real life squirrel family pests but if you're a gardener, you know that chipmunks and squirrels can be a pain in the bulb. These rodents aren't picky and will eat tomatoes, roses, tulip bulbs, plums and many other plants.

Vermont Garden Journal: Getting Ready For Winter Squash

As the calendar turns to September, our attention turns to winter squash. Once they're planted, winter squash tend to take care of themselves. The squash start sizing and coloring up this time of year and due to this year's hot temperatures, it seems pumpkins and winter squash are maturing early. They can stay in the garden until you're ready to harvest. If you can't easily pierce the rind with your fingernail, it's best to wait until the vines die back to harvest.

Vermont Garden Journal: All About Zinnias

Zinnias haven't always been the darling of the garden. When they were first discovered in its native Mexico by the Spanish, they were thought so unattractive they was called "mal de ojos," or sickness of the eyes. However, through years of breeding, zinnias have been transformed into one of our favorite garden flowers.

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