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Vermont Garden Journal

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The Vermont Garden Journal is hosted by horticulturalist Charlie Nardozzi and focuses on a topic that's relevant to both new and experienced gardeners, including pruning lilac bushes, growing blight-free tomatoes, groundcovers, sunflowers, bulbs, pests and more.More from Vermont Garden Journal »

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Vermont Garden Journal: Made In The Shade

Shade can be a curse from preventing you from planting your favorite sun-loving plants or an opportunity to create an interesting landscape. Let's focus on the latter.

Vermont Garden Journal: When It Comes To Asparagus, Patience Is Key

Muster up some patience when planting asparagus. You won't harvest until the third year but, once established, this perennial can produce for decades.

Vermont Garden Journal: Butterfly Weed, The Perennial Plant Of The Year

Asclepias or Butterfly Weed is more than just a pretty flower; it's been used medicinally and for making fiber.

Vermont Garden Journal: Butterfly Weed, The Perennial Plant Of The Year

Vermont Garden Journal: How To Grow Your Own Ginger

The tropical Asian root loves heat and a long growing season, so you'd think it wouldn't grow well around here. But with a little help, ginger can — and now's the time to get started by planting roots indoors!

Vermont Garden Journal: Designing Your Own English Cottage Garden

Last summer, while leading a tour of gardens in England and Wales, I learned a few design tips that can work in any sized garden.

Vermont Garden Journal: How To Grow Your Own Asian Greens

Asian greens automatically make some gardeners think of Chinese cabbage or bok choi. But there are many others that may be worth a try in your garden this spring.

Vermont Garden Journal: Caring For Cyclamen Plants

The cyclamen plant was also used medically to treat depression and the tubers were even fed to pigs, hence the common name, "pig bread." With the proper care, it now makes a terrific indoor or outdoor plant.

Vermont Garden Journal: Giving Your Produce Scraps A Second Life

Come January, it gets a little hard to keep the kids and yourself entertained indoors. One way to build some excitement is to garden — but not like what you'll be doing outside in a few months — this is grocery store gardening.

Vermont Garden Journal: 6 Tips For Starting A Windowsill Herb Garden

Feel the need to get your hands a little dirty during the winter? No problem. Just bring the gardening indoors!

Vermont Garden Journal: Seed Catalogs

It used to be an annual ritual after the holidays to sit down and peruse the seed catalogs that had just arrived in the mail. These days, the catalogs arrive early, but I still resist the temptation and don't look at them until January.

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